I said I would drop a line to say I am still here… and I am… 

I am still struggling and I don’t think this is going to be a quick or easy path to follow… only time will tell.

In the mean time, despite everything, I am still have an appetite, which is maybe the best sign I could hope for. If this becomes so bad I loose that, then I am going to be in serious trouble.


I’m Still Here, Promise!


Well, it seems there may be a little confusion from my last post. “Your Last Words”..

It is a poem, not a farewell notice. It never crossed my mind it might be read incorrectly and if it has been, then I apologize. I didn’t mean to cause any confusion.

While I usually make a point of not explaining what I was thinking of when writing a poem, I think it would be a good idea this time. The inspiration for “Your Last Words” was a survey I heard about which asked what ways were acceptable for breaking up with someone. There were several choices including doing so via email or text message and I thought about how upset I would be if someone wanted to break up but didn’t respect me enough to tell me to my face. And so a poem was born.

Let me say again, I am still blogging and have no intention of going anywhere soon. Being able to write simply means too much to me and I would miss everyone who reads my posts and follows my blog to think for even a moment of walking away…



The Swing

The Swing
By Kira A. Moore

She sits on a swing,
Her feet scuffing
At the dirt,
Though she doesn’t
Seem to notice.

The park is quiet now,
Looking forgotten
And forlorn,
Draped in
Moonlight and shadow.

And though she knows
With the sun
Will come children
And laughter,
Now silence reigns.

She sits on a swing,
Her feet scuffing
At the dirt
As she weeps,
Her tears unnoticed.

New Site…


As I just realized, I made a silly mistake back when I first created this blog.

Simply put, I misspelled the web address, using two R’s instead of two O’s in Morre… er, make that Moore.

This caused WordPress to say that my blog didn’t exist. You could get here through the error page but it was confusing, so I now made a new blog with the same name but the correct web address: kiramoorescloset.wordpress.com

I am going to transfer all my content over to the new site, but it’s going to take a little time.

I will double post until I get everything moved and then I will take this one off line.

Thank you for your understanding and please feel free to tease me for this!

Thank you all,


Oops, forgot to add the link… kiramoorescloset

Promises of Being Complete



Promises of Being Complete

By Kira A. Moore



Outside the windows,

Darkness broken,

By flashes of 

Lightning bug romance.


Inside, lights are dimmed,

Candle light danceing

Against the walls,

Muting reality.


Music plays,

A sultry beat,

Of matching hearts,

Lost in the moment.


Your presence,

Fills my heart,

With promises,

Of being complete.