A List of Pro-Women, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Earth, Anti-Bigotry Organizations That Need Your Support



A List of Pro-Women, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Earth, Anti-Bigotry Organizations That Need Your Support:

“Donald Trump has been a vocal advocate of sexual assault, Islamophobia, xenophobia, and violent racism. Early Wednesday morning, America voted to elect him our president.

Here are a few organizations that work to fight for the rights of our most vulnerable populations, and ways you can volunteer or donate to make sure they are able to work harder than ever.”

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Gender Reassignment

From the Illinois Department of Public Health:

Gender Reassignment

An individual born in Illinois, with an existing Illinois birth record, may submit an application to the Department requesting to have the gender changed on his or her own birth record after undergoing an operation(s) having the effect of reflecting, enhancing, changing, reassigning or otherwise affecting gender. Genital reconstructive surgery is not required to obtain a change in the sex designation on an existing Illinois birth certificate. (emphasis mine.)

Every individual must complete the “Affidavit for a New Birth Certificate After Completion of Gender Reassignment”. The applicant must be of legal age or the parent/co-parent or guardian if not of legal age. This form must be completed in its entirety and notarized.

For individuals who have had an operation(s) in the United States, the “Affidavit by Physician After Completion of Gender Reassignment” must be completed by the physician who performed the operation(s). This form must be completed in its entirety and notarized.

For individuals who have had an operation(s) outside of the United States, the “Affidavit by Physician Verifying Completion of Gender Reassignment Operation” must be completed by an examining physician duly licensed to practice medicine in Illinois or any other state in the United States. This form can also be used if the physician who performed the operation is no longer practicing, is unavailable or his/her license has been revoked or expired. This form must be completed in its entirety and notarized.

For individuals seeking to also have their name changed, a certified copy of the Court Order of Legal Name Change must also be submitted to this office.

The $15 fee to create a new birth record due to gender reassignment includes one certified copy of the new birth record. Additional copies of the same record requested at the same time are $2 each. Please make check or money order payable to the “Illinois Department of Public Health” and send everything to:

Illinois Department of Public Health Division of Vital Records 925 East Ridgely Ave. Springfield, IL 62702-2737  

Please include a copy of your non-expired, government issued photo identification card. If not provided, unreadable or expired, the request will be returned to the individual.

(I need to check, but it seems if I get breast implants, it should be enough to meet the requirements.)


A name change is another matter and I will post more information when I’ve researched it more. It does seem the process is the same for everyone, even if you choose a name opposite of your current gender markers.


Another issue is going to be insurance. We go through A’s workplace for our health insurance and I wasn’t even thinking what might happen if I change my birth certificate. She will need to see what if anything might change. Of course our marriage would remain valid even if IL hadn’t approved same sex marriage because we were opposite genders at the time of our marriage. Still, it’s good to know it is no longer an issue.

First Impressions – Underworks Padded Brief

I received my Underworks Padded Brief which I ordered directly from the manufacturer. The cost was $44.99 + S/H, the total being just under $52 with 3 day shipping.


I arrived in a soft side envelope with no indication of what was inside, if you worry about nosey neighbors. Inside it was sealed in plastic. 

The material is heavier than you might expect, but still light enough to be worn all day without issue. It certainly seems as i it should last for a long time, even with daily use.

It is high waisted and helps flatten out your tummy though not as much as a dedicated shaper will. You do have to keep an eye on this as despite what one of the reviewers claimed, it can slip and bunch if you move too much. Also, the legs are a little loose at the hem. It hasn’t caused an issue when wearing jeans, but I’m not so sure about clingy fabrics.

Maybe my thighs just aren’t big enough?

In any case, the real reason for wanting this was to help keep “things” in place and reduce bulges where there shouldn’t be any and again, wearing denim, I do see a noticeable difference.

Here’s the main thing; wearing this I felt instantly more confident in my presentation. The padding gives me the shape I have long wanted/expected and the flatter tummy is a bonus.

I can’t say this is for everyone, it really depends on what sort of look your after and how concerned you might be about unexpected bulges or movement “down there.”

I think, for me, this has been an excellent investment, though I can’t say with 100% certainly until I’ve had it for a few months. At some point, unless something goes wrong, I’ll try and write another review and let you know how it performs long term.

What’s Under There?

I haven’t spoken too much about those things I need to feel more comfortable with myself and my appearance. I’m not sure why… maybe I’m a little embarrassed I need the help?

Anyway, I thought I would share some of my little secrets…

First off, a needed boost in the chest department.


Lingerie Solutions – Enhancers Silicone Bust Enlarging Bra Pads

I’m so glad A found these. They have made a real difference in my self confidence and comfort level.

They aren’t anything fancy such as the many breast forms out there, but they provide what I need and the cost was much more affordable,

From the Wal-Mart website:

Lingerie Solutions-Enhancers Bust Enlarging Silicone Bra Pads are push-up bra pads that allow you to accent your natural shape while giving you added push-up and cleavage. The bra pads are made with a 100 percent polyurethane covering and a 100 percent silicone interior. To use, simply insert these silicone bra enhancers into the bra pockets.Lingerie Solutions – Enhancers Silicone Bust Enlarging Bra Pads:100% polyurethane covering with 100% silicone interiorAccent your natural shape while giving you added push-up and cleavageSimply insert the enhancers into the bra pockets.

They are very comfortable and after awhile you forget they aren’t a part of you.


As Seen on TV Genie Bra XL, Black/Nude, 2-Pack (I think everything in Wal-Mart is “As Seen On TV” these days.)

Genie bra

From the Wal-Mart website:

Designed for comfort, support and style, this As Seen On TV Genie Bra XL makes a star-quality foundation for your wardrobe. Featuring a woven everlast comfort stretch fabric and form-fitting seamless construction, this 2-pack Black/Nude As Seen on TV Genie Bras will provide you with all-day comfort. The cups of this woven bra stretch to conform to your shape, and it has a magic pouch to slip in support pads for extra lift and coverage. The wide comfort-life band prevents rolling. With no wires or hooks, the As Seen on TV Genie Bra XL is machine washable and is designed to retain its shape through the wash.As Seen on TV Genie Bra XL, Black/Nude, 2-Pack:Woven everlast comfort stretch fabricForm-fitting seamless constructionCups stretch to conform to your shapeMagic pouch to slip in support pads for extra lift and coverageNo wires or hooksWide comfort-life band — no more rollingMachine washable — never loses shape.


And the real Tour de Force, which is in transit as we speak…

Underworks Rear and Hip Padded Brief

Underworks Padded Brief

From their website:

An instant derriere and rear enhancing brief that gives you a shapely and toned look in a “smooth and firm” spandex nylon that truly fits and feels smooth and flattering. Pads on rear and side are from a proprietary Underworks® exclusive mold that are perfectly formed to conform to your body while enhancing your shape and providing you with the curves you need so you look natural under anything you wear. No protruding pads, no unsightly lines, no unnatural hills and valleys, just a smooth blending of your body and a perfect enhancing partner. The enhance panty also flattens your tummy and features garter tabs. Pads are removable and washable. Made in U.S.A. of nylon and spandex smooth and firm fabric.

This should arrive by Friday.


One of the things I have had some difficulty with has been getting past some of my reservations regarding needing help with my physical presentation… In other words, there have been times when just ordering these things made me worry I was just a cross dresser with delusions of grander. In my head I know better, but sometimes my heart doesn’t listen…


I also know there are many women in the world who need and use the same products, yet it still leaves me with an uneasy feeling. Funny, when I really stop and think about it, even HRT would put me into an artificial state as it requires medical intervention… it isn’t “natural” which is what my I really want… but then, don’t we all?

Seriously, I have been told many times over the past several months I think too much. That I worry about things no one even thinks about and I suppose it’s true. Even without any of this I have been gendered as female more often than not. So maybe I am projecting my fears onto others…

On a similar note…

I have looked into voice lessons more than once and what I found interesting is the claim they can help you “pass” (THAT word again…) even over the phone which is really funny since most people assume I’m female when we speak. Even when I have to use my birth name, there is always that hint of disbelief while they speak to me… you know, that slight, are you serious? hesitation before they use a male pronoun. The other day I could tell the woman on the other end didn’t completely buy the idea she was speaking to a male. I even tried to roughen up my voice a little, but I don’t think it made an ounce of difference in her mind.

Well, getting this out has helped me to get out of my head as it were and now maybe I can let a little more of this go until I don’t even think of it. 

The Gender Book

An interesting project which I hadn’t heard about. A big shout out to T for finding this, I really appreciate it!

The Gender Book  Cover



the GENDER book is a fun, colorful, community-based resource, which illustrates the beautiful diversity of gender – a gender 101 for anyone and everyone. 

For more information:


Definition of Terms: Sex, Gender, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation

Excerpt from: The Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients, adopted by the APA Council of Representatives, February 18-20, 2011. The Guidelines are available on the APA website at http://www.apa.org/pi/lgbt/resources/guidelines.aspx

Definition of Terms

Sex refers to a person’s biological status and is typically categorized as male, female, or intersex (i.e., atypical combinations of features that usually distinguish male from female). There are a number of indicators of biological sex, including sex chromosomes, gonads, internal reproductive organs, and external genitalia.

Gender refers to the attitudes, feelings, and behaviors that a given culture associates with a person’s biological sex. Behavior that is compatible with cultural expectations is referred to as gender-normative; behaviors that are viewed as incompatible with these expectations constitute gender non-conformity.

Gender identity refers to “one’s sense of oneself as male, female, or transgender” (American Psychological Association, 2006). When one’s gender identity and biological sex are not congruent, the individual may identify as transsexual or as another transgender category (cf. Gainor, 2000).

Gender expression refers to the “…way in which a person acts to communicate gender within a given culture; for example, in terms of clothing, communication patterns and interests. A person’s gender expression may or may not be consistent with socially prescribed gender roles, and may or may not reflect his or her gender identity” (American Psychological Association, 2008, p. 28).

Sexual orientation refers to the sex of those to whom one is sexually and romantically attracted. Categories of sexual orientation typically have included attraction to members of one’s own sex (gay men or lesbians), attraction to members of the other sex (heterosexuals), and attraction to members of both sexes (bisexuals). While these categories continue to be widely used, research has suggested that sexual orientation does not always appear in such definable categories and instead occurs on a continuum (e.g., Kinsey, Pomeroy, Martin, & Gebhard, 1953; Klein, 1993; Klein, Sepekoff, & Wolff, 1985; Shiveley & DeCecco, 1977) In addition, some research indicates that sexual orientation is fluid for some people; this may be especially true for women (e.g., Diamond, 2007; Golden, 1987; Peplau & Garnets, 2000).

Coming out refers to the process in which one acknowledges and accepts one’s own sexual orientation. It also encompasses the process in which one discloses one’s sexual orientation to others. The term closeted refers to a state of secrecy or cautious privacy regarding one’s sexual orientation.

*The 2011 guidelines replace the Guidelines for Psychotherapy with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients adopted by the Council, February 26, 2000, which expired at the end of 2010. 

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Adjusting My Workflow

I’m in the process of learning ways in which I can use Scrivener to write my blog posts. Unfortunately because I am using the free hosting from WordPress, I am somewhat limited in my options. As it stands, I’ll have to write my posts separately and then ‘cut and paste’ into the WordPress online editor through my web browser. If I were to ‘go pro’, then I believe I could export a post in either Markdown or HTML and send it directly to my blog. Well, I’m just notthat professional… actually I’m not a pro at all, which is why I am using free services and looking for alternatives to paid software to build a workflow with which I can work with on a daily basis.

Now, after such a long introduction, you must be asking yourself; so what? There are several answers to this question.

For one, I’m trying to clean up my computer and get rid of programs which I don’t use or whose trials have expired. In doing so, I have been looking at using free software or making better use of the programs I already have. The sad truth is I’m not rich, so I can’t just go out and buy whatever I want no matter how useful it might be.

(This is true for my music as well. Thanks to having as basement, I have a collection of old CDs which at one point was transferred into iTunes. Well, I don’t listen to those CDs, nor do I tend to add any those songs to my playlists which means they have been taking up space foryears. I just don’t need or want them any more and they need to go. In their place I am gather new music from free services such as NoiseTrade). Which leads me to the second reason for all of this work…

In this wonder age of instant information and access to pretty much any program, provided your willing to look in some questionable places and don’t mind using the electronic version of a five finger discount, you can find pretty much anything you desire for free. Of course this has been a touchy situation for musicians for years and complains and programmers alike have gone to great lengths to try and stop this practice.

As a parent of three boys, two of whom will be teenagers this year, I have a hard time trying to use the old “do as I say and not as I do” method of teaching them right from wrong. So if I want them to be responsible adults, I have to show them now there are ways to meet their needs without stealing and the best way to do so is to practice what I preach.

It doesn’t guarantee they will do the right thing, but if they don’t, it will not because they learned such behavior from me.

Which brings me back to the issue of either free software or using what I already have.

As it happens, I bought Scrivener several years ago and have kept it around mainly for use during the annual NaNoWritMo every November. There were several reason for doing so at the time, I really liked the software, it was on sale, and I thought it would be useful for writing poetry as well as anything else I wanted to write. As too often happens, I have failed to use this resource to its full potential which means I pretty much wasted my money. As it happens, I can’t afford to toss money around in such a way so I really would like to find every possible use for it.

Now I could spend a great deal of time going over all the aspects of Scrivener, but I think it best if you went and looked at their webpage at http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php

Has it happens, most of the solutions I found make use of similar methods of using a Word Processor to create your post and then pasting it into the WordPress online editor. The main reason for using Scrivener as compared to MSWord, Pages, or any of the free WPs available for Mac, Windows, or Linux is because it gives me a single location to keep all my information instead of having it spread out over dozens of separate documents.

This can be reduced by creating a single folder to hold all of your posts, but there will still be many subfolders depending on how often you post. So if your like me and post every day, your looking at a minimum of 365 separate documents!

I learned the method I’m going to use at http://thaddeushunt.com/writing-scrivener-as-a-complete-blogging-system/

It’s really simple when you think about it and if you already have Scrivener then it makes sense to use it. Which brings me to my final thoughts.

Scrivener costs $45US and is available for both WIN and Mac. It can be downloaded from their website or the Mac App Store.

MarsEdit costs $40US, is specifically designed for blogging but is available only on Mac. It can also be found on their website or the Mac store.

Maybe you noticed something, both of these programs cost money, not as much as some games you could buy, but still a difficult stretch for people on a tight budget, which is why I have spent so much time trying to find free alternatives. As it happens, I have only looked at what is available for Mac and Linux and I am aware there are many more Windows users out there. Thankfully, the one thing I have found is almost universal praise for Windows Live Writer which is part of the Live Essentials bundle. I know there are a number of other free options out there and you can find them fairly easily through a simple Google search.

As it happens, there really aren’t too many options if you have a Mac or Linux computer. Most of what I found was either sadly out of date, no longer being developed, or else it simply didn’t work the way I needed it to. This is one of the times I wish I was a programmer so I could design something useful and free, but wish in one hand….

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or comments, please feel free to share.