Weaponized grooming rhetoric is taking a toll on LGBTQ community and child sex abuse survivors

Weaponized grooming rhetoric is taking a toll on LGBTQ community and child sex abuse survivors.

“I think it does enormous harm,” said Michael Bronski, a professor of women, gender and sexuality studies at Harvard University and author of “A Queer History of the United States for Young People.” “This really speaks to the deep-seatedness of this notion of abusing children as a political tactic.”

After Roe v. Wade Leak, LGBTQ+ People Are in Big Trouble

After Roe v. Wade Leak, LGBTQ+ People Are in Big Trouble

If we are to believe that the leaked U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is true and that the majority opinion, written by Justice Samuel Alito, is that abortion isn’t mentioned in the constitution, then we are truly and frighteningly headed for the dark ages.

The fact that women’s rights will be almost negligible is only the beginning of what’s to come. Brace yourselves for an onslaught of decisions that will also trample LGBTQ+ rights.


Had an MRI yesterday and also had my ears checked to see what was going on with my hearing. First, I have fluid build up in both ears, possible from inflamed tubes and was proscribed medicine which should help clear it up. I’ll know if it’s working in a few days.

As for the MRI, it seems there is nothing better than something medical to throw dysphoria right in your face especially when the staff is trying to be respectful and use your preferred name and pronouns while you have to present in the opposite way. Took me most of the day to recover as the entire experience left me exhausted and I still have to wait for the results.

So, somethings good and some not so good, but I survived and might get some much needed information.


Gender Neutral Bathrooms Closed in new high school

This makes me angry 😦

Protecting our rights

East Providence RI had built a brand new high school with gender neutral bathrooms. Today there was an announcement that they are now closing the gender neutral bathrooms without explaining why.

These bathrooms offer protection to students who may be in fear of using these bathrooms for whatever reason. This is a disgrace to spend so much money on building these bathrooms for protection of students then take it away…

Students who are disabled or do not fit into the biological gender identity, students who have been bullied and or abused should be allowed in a bathroom without bullies. Now they no longer have freedom to use a different bathroom that is considered safe. Thanks to staff and or school officials that has just been taken away.

Please call the school in protest, tell them this is not acceptable and discriminatory against students in need of protection
East Providence High…

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