Just Me (Ten Minute Free Write)

Ready, Set, Done


“Just Me”

I sit across the table from her, this girl with the sad smile. I no longer remember how many times I have thought to talk to her, how many times fear kept me silent, yet looking at her now I know she understands. I know she has waited patiently for me all these years.

There is no pity, nor anger.

All things must come in their own time.

Though she may say things I do not wish to hear, she will never speak first. Such has never been her nature. It is I who must speak. Who must search out the answers I seek. 

It is strange to be sitting here, typing these words. I am shaking and there are tears in my eyes. There is a mixture of excitement and fear.

You see, as much as I have hidden from the world, I have also hidden from myself, from the girl in the mirror sitting across from me now. We have been, are, and always will be one. It is only now I find I have the courage to accept the truth of this.

 Now is a time which has been a lifetime in the making, A dark and dangerous journey into my heart and soul.




I can close my eyes and in a breath I am returned to the first time I saw her. I’m not sure I can out into words the thoughts and emotions which tore through me, which brought me to my knees in fear and awe. It was the first time I saw me. Not some masquerade, not a pretense, nor an expectation…

Just me.

Too small. Too skinny. With wonder filled blue eyes and a heart I feared would break free from my trembling breast.

It was the first time we had stood face to face, yet I had always known her. It was the first time all the pieces came together to form a picture which was true and right.

True Sight (Short Story)

“True Sight”


By Kira A. Moore




“Did you look?” She asked.


“I did.” He replied.


“Did you see?”


“I saw.”


“Did you understand?”


She looked at him with a bemused smile on her lips.


“No.” He shook his head and gave her a defiant look in return.


She laughed and turned away.

50 Word Challenge – This Morning

She appeared.

Wisps of blonde hair escaping to float, cobweb like.

Maybe she took pride in her appearance;

all those lessons learned before the mirror.

She has been judged against others,

some better, some worse

and those who did little more than shuffle,

surrounded by a halo of self resignation.

DPchallenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_writing_challenge/fifty/