The real neat blog award


Kira Moore’s Closet has been nominated for the REAL NEAT BLOGGER AWARD by the author of

As some of you my know, I haven’t participated in blogging awards for some time. So often I have found I simply don’t have the time to respond to nominations properly and I didn’t think it fair to leave people hanging. Having said that, this nomination has touched me deeply. I think it only fair to share the comment I received, 

“So, once upon a time, I was a person too uncomfortable with being labeled ‘cis’ and too ostracized to be privileged to be labeled as ‘trans.’ I dared to begin my journey of making sense of all of that with one post. I’m still on that journey, working out stuff within, so as to be brave enough to challenge the stuff without. The labels. The binaries. The rules of engagement. The stuff that says I can’t just be me. A man/ woman thang. A king/ queen of sorts. More than gender non-conforming and less than a binary world of cis/ trans. Somewhere in between, where the world says no one is allowed to go. You, my dear beautiful Kira, helped me feel confident in doing that. Though, you may or may not see where I’m headed, you most definitely helped me make that first step comfortably. And now that I am on my way, I need to say thank you! In so many more ways than one. 

You were my first friend, in this land of ppl who don’t fit in anywhere. And though, I still don’t fit anywhere, I feel more in love with the bravery that comes with that and less afraid of the attack that comes from that. I can’t put into words what your friendship (albeit cyber and whatnot) has meant to my short, though powerfully vulnerable life. Thus, I won’t try to use words. Instead, I’d like to share a gesture of love, appreciation and recognition with you. By nominating your blog, Kira Moore’s Closet, and the spiritual power you behold within it, for the Real Neat Blogger Award. Though small, I pray you can feel the love and admiration this holds from me to you. If you choose to accept, you can find out more deets here–> To many more moments of shared love, growth and appreciation btw you and I! Peace & Blessings dear beautiful Kira!”

‘Thank you’ seems too small…

I have no other words.


Followed blog 1000 1x


Wow! I cannot believe I have reached 1000 followers!

I just want to thank everyone who reads and follows my blog! You are so awesome and I am humbled. I never could have imagined my words would be seen by so many wonderful people.


Again, Thank you all so very much!



Playing Catchup On Award Season




I’m afraid I have fallen miles behind when it comes to posting about awards. No excuse really, just been busy with so many things, being able to acknowledge awards has slipped into the “To Do” column. Well, time to “DO”.

I’m going to start with the newest and work my way backward. If I miss anyone, then I apologize, it wasn’t intentional.


The Beautiful Blogger Award from Sea Play Photography




Also, the Shine On Award from Sylvie’s Fashion Secrets




And The Very Inspiring/Inspirational Blogger Award from Melissa Robitille and Marva Seaton




As I said, I am way behind… I also received these awards but need go them posted. My thanks and deepest apologies.

From LyannV and nutsfortreasure. The Blog of the Year



 A heartfelt “Thank you” to everyone for thinking of me of me. Over the next several days I am going to update my blogroll to provide links to each of these blogs. As for the personal information… well, I don’t have time tonight to go through everything, but if you want I can answer questions or put out something later and try and fill in the blanks. 

Thank you!

I know this has taken a little while, and for that I apologize. I have been nominated for two awards, and I think I there were more which I can’t find.

The awards were:



One Lovely Blog Award from Sakshi Vashist  and Tazelnmlrasaad





The Reality Blog Award from Cav12


I would like to thank all three of these wonderful people for nominating me and ask everyone to visit their blogs. I’m sure there were other nominations as well which I cannot find at the moment, I apologize if they are not included here.

As you might know I am currently up to my ears in projects and don’t have the time to do more than acknowledge the nominations. I’ll also ask that everyone chaco out my blogroll and visit the blogs listed there.


Again, thank you so much for these wonderful awards!




I have been nominated for the Inspiring Blogger Award by Andy at thebinderproject and the One Lovely Bloger Award by Venom at venomsblog.

I would like to thank them both for these nominations and ask all my readers to check out their blogs. They are both well worth your time.

At this point I am going to ask for your indulgence and understanding. Today has been a real topper to an already stressful week and I really can’t summon the time and energy needed to follow all the rules for these awards. Having said that, I am going to update my blogroll with new links to some very nice blogs and ask you to please visit them as well. I really do want for people to have a chance to find new blogs they might enjoy which is why I participate in these awards.

Again, I wish to say a heart felt Thank You! for these awards, they really do mean a lot to me.

Blog Awards

Like other bloggers, I am finding it simpler to group awards together and answer them in one post, so this is going to be my last acceptance post until next month. I haven’t yet decided on when I will do these posts, it might be I will have to wait until I have a few and then just post then instead of trying to have a set date.

In any case, here are the two awards I received recently;

Ming over at  A View With Ming and Aneesa & Faraaz at Live.Explore.Learn.Remember nominated me for the One Lovely Blogger Award.


Penny at The Why About This nominated me for the Hobbles’ Game Award.


I want to say a great big THANK YOU!!! to each of you, I am honored to have been nominated. Please visit both of these sites, they are we’ll worth the time to read what they have to say.

Okay, two things here… First, both awards ask for things about myself, which follows. Next I have been asked to nominate up to fifteen others to pass these along to… here’s the problem, I have read where some do not wish to participate in these awards any longer, if they ever did, but I cannot remember just who is who and so I am more than a tad uncomfortable nominating anyone directly. My answer? I am going to start rotating sites in my Blogroll who I recommend my readers check out. That way I do what these awards are trying to do in directing traffic to others sites, without upsetting anyone by asking them to join in what one described as a “chain letter”. I hope everyone understands.

Now to some things about me:

Craziest thing I’ve ever done is… Oh dear, I have pick just one? Really, I have done a lot of crazy things, too much to choose just one!

People are surprised that… I am as old as I am. I’ve been told many times I don’t look my age… then again, I have been told I don’t act my age either!

My favorite thing is… Long walks in the park, quiet dinners, and puppies…. oops, sorry, that’s what it says on my eHarmony profile…. :O

Apparently, I can… Read minds, tell the future, and pull money from thin air. At least that seems to be what my children believe!

I’m sorry…. That I can’t read minds, tell the future, or pull money from thin air…

Everyone is welcome to play along on their own blogs with their readers!

Please look to my blogroll and visit the great blogs there!