Mom Dresses Cat In Daughter’s New Bra Top To Show How Ridiculously Small It Is | Bored Panda

Mom Dresses Cat In Daughter’s New Bra Top To Show How Ridiculously Small It Is | Bored Panda:

“A crocheted bra top for sale on Amazon received an unexpected bit of publicity after a reviewer used their cat to model the item to show just how small it is. Reviews do indicate that the piece ‘runs small,’ but when one 16-year-old girl received the item, her mother wrote this hilarious review in response:”

First Impressions – Underworks Padded Brief

I received my Underworks Padded Brief which I ordered directly from the manufacturer. The cost was $44.99 + S/H, the total being just under $52 with 3 day shipping.


I arrived in a soft side envelope with no indication of what was inside, if you worry about nosey neighbors. Inside it was sealed in plastic. 

The material is heavier than you might expect, but still light enough to be worn all day without issue. It certainly seems as i it should last for a long time, even with daily use.

It is high waisted and helps flatten out your tummy though not as much as a dedicated shaper will. You do have to keep an eye on this as despite what one of the reviewers claimed, it can slip and bunch if you move too much. Also, the legs are a little loose at the hem. It hasn’t caused an issue when wearing jeans, but I’m not so sure about clingy fabrics.

Maybe my thighs just aren’t big enough?

In any case, the real reason for wanting this was to help keep “things” in place and reduce bulges where there shouldn’t be any and again, wearing denim, I do see a noticeable difference.

Here’s the main thing; wearing this I felt instantly more confident in my presentation. The padding gives me the shape I have long wanted/expected and the flatter tummy is a bonus.

I can’t say this is for everyone, it really depends on what sort of look your after and how concerned you might be about unexpected bulges or movement “down there.”

I think, for me, this has been an excellent investment, though I can’t say with 100% certainly until I’ve had it for a few months. At some point, unless something goes wrong, I’ll try and write another review and let you know how it performs long term.

Reclaiming The Past




How many times have you looked into the past, remembering one thing after another and in the end you feel depressed? All those things gone forever from your life, all the regrets. I know I have been there, done that, could write a book on beating myself up over things. Well, enough of it I say! Today I want to dredge the depths of my memories and remember things which can still bring a smile to my face. 

So what sort of things? I’m glad you asked!

How about Saturday morning cartoons? How about your favorite television shows or music from back in the day? Maybe your most beloved clothing item or fashion statement.

I grew up in the 70s and 80s and there were a lot of fun things to remember. I also heard recently the 80s are making a comeback, not sure what it means just yet, but I can’t wait to see what kids today find interesting from the era of hair bands, leggings, and parachute pants.

It’s time for me to begin reclaiming those years. To rebuild my memories, not forgetting anything, but to put life back into perspective. Not every moment is one of pain and not every memory is linked to sadness, so why dwell on those things? Why not bring back those little things which bring a little happiness back into a cloudy day?

In Need Of The Right Look

I took time to go over my wardrobe choices today. I quickly realized I have way too many guy clothes and not enough girl things. Now, I have been slowly replacing things, but because I don’t want this to be too obvious, I have been staying with similar items. This has been things like sweatshirts and T-shirts wit a few button downs and mock turtle necks. Nothing really dressy or feminine. I have also been staying with jeans, (though this is proving to be a tad more difficult without spending way too much.)
I mention this because I see I am going to have to buy a new outfit. I simply don’t have the right clothes for such an important event!
So later today I’m going shopping. I took a look at several fashion sites and saw a look I liked which is a black mock turtle neck, black pants and a nice sweater, maybe dark blue or gray, with black shoes or boots. The black will be slimming which is never a bad thing and the sweater will add a nice splash of color. Another thing I like about this look is it makes you seem taller. I know this isn’t an issue for many, but I’m 5′-6″ so there are lots of people taller than me, both men and women.
I will try to add the picture I found later, though it showed the outfit with a red sweater which wouldn’t go well with my skin tone…
All in all I am looking forward to Saturday.

A Day Of Moore


I thought I wouldn’t get the chance to post much of anything today, I have been on the run for pretty much the entire day and I felt lucky to keep my brain working for half of it just because I was so so tired.

We had to go to several stores looking to find the oldest some more pants as he has gotten too big for the ones we bought before school started… though it seems to be an issue with one of his meds. With his issues, that was an experience as it usually is, but we all made it through alive.

We also had other shopping to so and then there was getting the oil changed in the car, which actually took less time than the shopping did… Thank you car angel for watching over us… last time took almost two hours.

After that it was dealing with our middle boy and his science experiment he forgot is due tomorrow… Grrr!

Now there are a couple of things…

Last night we went to a little dive we have never been too even though we have been hearing about this place for years. Yes, it was our anniversary dinner, but we both wanted to try the food there. It was every bit as much of a dive as we expected but the food was good…

The reason I mention it at all is the fact I am very uncomfortable going into places such as that. It isn’t much more than a bar which grew into a restaurant, and places like that always ave a large group of regulars who often look poorly on newcomers. As it was, the crowd wasn’t bad and I was able to relax enough to have a decent meal. Something else which helped was we were able to get a table in the front room, which meant I didn’t have to walk into a large group of people. Given how conscience I am of things such as that, I was glad to be able to sit and just blend into the background.

The other was of course being in the store… it’s one of those places where the customers often have no room to criticize anyone… you know, a certain big box store which has a website dedicated to it’s clientele… Still I am too darn self conscience of how I move… I need to do something about it. I really do.

And last of all was this afternoon when I had the chance to watch a girls birthday party celebration. As it happens. I life close enough to a park so that I can see the various parties held there from my porch. Watching all the girls and their parents made me realize how much I would have loved to have had a party like that… a ton of pink and purple crepe streamers, a Little Princess cake and pile of cutely wrapped presents. Then again, I would have liked any party at all… my birthdays were all just family affairs with a few people to witness the festivities… all adults. Even cousins skipped out… loads and loads of fun I promise.

Okay, enough of self pity party… it was all a long time ago.