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Blame It On The Dentist

It’s early Wednesday here and I had another dentist appointment yesterday where I spent an hour in the chair and I have another one this morning which is going to be as long, maybe longer. I know these are things I need to have done, but it really messes up my sleeping pattern. As it is, I took the night off so I could sleep instead of going two days in a row feeling like I had been run over by a bus. Of course it meant I wasn’t up to posting any sooner, but at least i was able to give everyone a little update.

I am going to try and get something ready for posting later today, but I can make no promises.

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Until Tomorrow

I’m not going to try and write a huge missive tonight. Though the dentist wasn’t as bad as I imagined and big part of my face, not to mention tongue are still numb, the whole experience has worn me out… so, I’ll just say I am doing well and plan to be back tomorrow.

Experience, Health, Information, Kira, Life, Personal, Thoughts

Done and Over

Dentist visit over and back home. Half of my face is numb but extraction went quicker than I expected… I was only able to listen to one hand a half songs and it was over. 

Not as bad as I feared, but I have more work which needs to be done, though better t get it dealt with now then have bigger problems down the road.