Spent all day in the car. First I had a check with our doctors nurse. Everything went really well, I really feel comfortable with her.

Then it was six hours talking the oldest for a job interview. It included tests as well as interviews, not to mention having to travel across town from one set of offices to another.

Good news is it looks like he got the job, so it was worth it.


Moving Forward Again

Turned out to be an interesting day…

For unrelated reasons I was in a psychiatrist’s office speaking with the doctor when the conversation turned to me. I gave him a few details about myself and he recommended I have my primary physician call and make a referral. He also wants me to continue with therapy and to look into getting back in contact with local support groups. He seems to have a handle on gender issues and to be open minded, two things I want at this point.

Now it takes about three months from the time of referral to get an appointment but I see this as moving in the right direction.


World Medical Association Approves New Trans Health Care Guidelines |

World Medical Association Approves New Trans Health Care Guidelines |

“International groups representing doctors and health care providers worldwide have adopted new guidelines for caring for transgender patients, Gay Star News reports.”


Had a doctors appointment today. It should have been a quick visit just to go over my annual blood tests… Of course nothing ever goes as planned.

Turns out someone didn’t do the correct tests and now I have to go through everything again; fasting, blood draw, then back in two weeks to follow up. (sigh)

On a more positive note, I discussed the issues I’ve been having with my current depression/anxiety meds and he agreed they need to be changed so I start a new treatment tomorrow and we will see if it works. Keeping my fingers crossed!

We also discussed what, if any, issues might arise when (if) I can begin HRT and at this point he couldn’t see anything to be concerned about. He still won’t treat me himself, but at least he is willing to continue to work with me for everything else.

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Doctor’s Apontment

Went to my doctors appointment today. The main reason was for my oldest to get a consult which resulted in him having a new medication to try which will hopefully help him maintain calm after his other medicine has worn off for the day. We’ll see how things go. The second reason was so I could get blood drawn for lab work needed to monitor my BP meds.

While we were there we discussed my being Trans and the issues I need to deal with now. We talked about my dysphoria and the understanding I now have regarding the need for HRT. I’ll get back to the dysphoria in a second… As for HRT, he told us he wasn’t comfortable trying to treat me as he had no experience with the treatment plan, nor did any of the other doctors he has spoken to. He said he didn’t want to chance possibly causing me harm because of his inexperience and I have to respect his feelings on the matter. I did tell him I was going to seek out someone who could deal with this and he completely agreed. Better he said, to go with a specialist. I also let him know, for now, I wanted to lee him as my primary doctor for my other health issues and he is fine with doing so. So, I won’t be staying local like I was still half hoping, but at least I know bester where I stand at the moment. We’ll take our time and do more research into who is available and who will work with our insurance. At least I am still moving forward even if it isn’t exactly the way I had thought.

Now back to the dysphoria… Both A and I were in speaking with the doctor and when I was searching for the right way to describe what I was experiencing, A stepped in and spoke about her observations of how this is affecting me and she said a lot of things which surprised me because I thought I wasn’t being as obvious as I now know I have been. She spoke of my reactions, my demeanor, my moods. This is something which can be seen in every aspect of my personality. I know the saying about the forest and the trees, but it takes sitting and listening to someone else describe you to really open your eyes to the truth of it.