I Was a Trans Kid Once

I Was a Trans Kid Once

We should listen to young folks about their gender identity. The risks of not are far higher.

For the best possible outcomes, we should do everything we can to ensure that trans people feel comfortable coming out and transitioning as soon as they are able to understand their gender. This will make the lives of so many people inordinately easier at no real cost to society. Anything else is inhumane.


Sometimes there are things you want to get out but they seem so heavy, you feel as though the air is being crushed out of you and you can’t catch your breath no matter how hard you try.

For far too long I have been struggling with this, which is why I have been working so hard to find articles and other content just so I can maintain having at least one post a day. It also gives me a reason to push through. This may seem silly or pointless, (and to many it probably is), yet for me any thread I can cling to, no matter how small, pointless, or silly is often just enough to keep the darkness at bay.

It doesn’t help that much of this are things I have gone over and over again only to find myself right back at the beginning and by this point I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing about it. God knows I am sick and tired of thinking about any of it.

I know this is vague and I am sorry about that but this is as far as I push myself tonight.