No, it isn’t as bad as the title sounds. I just wanted to go back over some things from Halloween which I didn’t get to before and also how I am feeling about everything now I have had a few days to let it settle.

For one , several things happened during my makeover, the first was I mentioned to JT the one thing I worried about was my voice and he said it was fine. I have gotten sort of a mixed bag in regards to my voice, some think it’s effeminate or female especially after talking to me on the phone. Others have said I sound male, but these are usually people who have known me for a while. Still, having someone who has just met me think I sound passable does mean a lot more than I expected. Also, while I was in the chair, a lady stopped by to watch and said she was just wondering what “she” was having done because she was curious about an eyebrow wax. I thought poor A was going to lose it, but she kept a pretty straight face. A did note, she wasn’t sure if the woman really thought I was female or if she was just being nice, but I don’t care, it was nice to hear. I also wanted to note getting a makeover was a lot of fun. I know plenty of people who would never setting in a seat for an hour to be enjoyable, but I did, same with getting a manicure, it’s just a great feeling to be pampered even a little bit.

When I was out with the kids, we went to a local strip mall where the stores were doing candy handouts because of the poor weather. Plenty of light and quite a few people, and I only received on double take from a bar owner when one o the kids called me “dad”. It was the same at Bass Pro which had even better lighting. The man who took my picture on the motorcycle only hesitated for a moment when I gave him my male name for their information… I regretted not using Kira, but it was for a legal release to use the picture and I didn’t want to do something which might come back to bite me. I had a woman tell her son to move out of the “ladies way” when he backed in front of me and when I needed to find a restroom, no batted an eye when I asked directions, though I made a point of asking about the family facilities, which thankfully they have two.

Then Friday at work A showed my picture to her coworkers and none of them who have met me could believe it was me. One even said had she seen me on the street she never would have known it was me and another showed it to her husband and asked him, “what do you think?” to which he responded “Yeah, she’s pretty.” He was then informed it was a picture of a man and received a dirty look… of course this is someone who is a die hard catholic and very much against such things, so over all I thought it was a great response.

The main thing is, yes, it was a crappy night, weather wise, but other than being cold, I had a great time. 

A mentioned from the time we started the evening that it was obvious I was having fun. Even now I still smile when thinking about it.

I Need A Hobby…



I decided to have some fun and come up with some different, maybe thought provoking, titles for playlists in iTunes. I’m not sure just why I go on the little naming binges where I can create a handful of titles which might very well be deleted next week, but I do and I have fun with it… sort of like naming your Pet Rock… you know, the one which never comes when you call it….

So, here are some of the names I’ve come up with, if you have any, feel free to share. 🙂

1) Angel Of Darkness

2) Angel of the Morning and Other Forgotten Things

3) Dead Girl Diaries

4) Life Behind Glass

5) Lost Dandelions