17-Year-Old With Depression Asks r/RoastMe To Roast His Photo So He’d Have A Reason To End It All, Internet Responds

17-Year-Old With Depression Asks r/RoastMe To Roast His Photo So He’d Have A Reason To End It All, Internet Responds

Depression has no face, so recently one guy from Russia decided to show his, for a chilling reason. Recently, u/MufasaQuePasa posted his picture to a subreddit called r/RoastMe, a notorious community specializing in saying the nastiest things about people they can think of. “17-year-old Russian with crippling depression,” he wrote. “Give me a reason to end it all.” Surprisingly, this time was different. Everyone went against community rules, trying to explain to the guy why he should keep on fighting. Continue scrolling to check out the heartwarming responses that will restore your faith in humanity. At least for today.

Let’s treat transgender people with dignity (column)

Let’s treat transgender people with dignity (column):

“Every human desires to be treated with dignity, right? So why is it that some of us treat others like trash? As kids we are told to treat everyone with kindness, that If we have nothing nice to say then to say nothing at all. Where does that teaching go over the years? Why do we feel it necessary to shoot someone down because they’re different?”

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Trash Powered

Trash Powered:  

“For most of us, it’s hard to conceive of a life without power, yet a staggering 1.1 billion people on the planet do not have access to electricity. When artist-inventor-pyromaniac Jim Mason had his power shut off by the city of Berkeley, he rediscovered a sustainable power technology used during WWII, inadvertently “

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Photo of Godfrey Cuotto holding hands with special needs stranger in Canada goes viral | Daily Mail Online

Photo of Godfrey Cuotto holding hands with special needs stranger in Canada goes viral | Daily Mail Online:

“A heartwarming photograph has emerged on social media of a young man who allowed a stranger with special needs to hold his hand on a busy bus.”

After Seeing These 18 Photos You Will Question Your Entire Existence! |Higher Perspective

After Seeing These 18 Photos You Will Question Your Entire Existence! |Higher Perspective:

“The human species is utterly amazing, but it also has a common tendency to deem itself superior over everything else. Check out these pictures and challenge your perspective.

We suggest everyone take a good, long look at these photos compiled by Diply and really compare your existence to the proportion of the majesty which exists throughout the rest of the universe.”



Helpinghand web



1.having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people.

2.of or pertaining to ethical or theological humanitarianism.

3.pertaining to the saving of human lives or to the alleviation of suffering:a humanitarian crisis.


4.a person actively engaged in promoting human welfare and social reforms, as a philanthropist.

5.a person who professes ethical or theological humanitarianism.



Never Doubt


What Does it Mean to be a Humanitarian?

What is that genuine purpose you wake up for in the morning? Is it because the alarm you set has gone off and you have to head to school, work or an appointment? Is it simply because your biological clock has ticked its last mark, and you are up to start your day off, with not a worry in the world, or is it because you know that somewhere out there, someone needs to be helped or saved and doing nothing will not get anything solved and you know that something has to be done. It takes a lot for someone to care and become devoted for a stranger’s well being, but that is one of the rarest, beautiful things about being human – you understand struggle, pain, enlightenment and even fear. Human decency is not lost as young men, women and children are marked by humanistic values into helping others find some sort of happiness by giving a hand of hope and strength in their lives.

Humanitarians are not just born; they are created for those soul purposes of promoting human welfare. They are about promoting the ideas of people in general and how social reforms in the state of changing the normal behavioral patterns of a society and region into doing well or aiding in the form of money or necessities for those in exigency. A simple action of donating money to a charity or cause that you firmly believe in is always good enough. The notion of not giving or frankly not caring is never measured by how much you have spent or time you put into that reform, but just the thought of you doing and taking part in something in remembrance or an act of kindness, will go a long way in someone’s eyes.

As a humanitarian, you are not looking for easy steps to take or glorifying rewards at the end of the day. The main goal is to achieve the reward of making someone’s life better than what it already is. Humanitarians find memorable marks to leave on people’s hearts that have shattered, as well as hearts that no longer have had hope. It takes the heart of a lion to immerse themselves in terrible situations and conditions to help those in need. It does not hurt to be involved with the world around you. Do something nice be kind and fragile to people, for everyday they are fighting for something and we as humans should not deprive people of hope, especially if that is all they have.

Humanitarians are courageous and admirable souls who should not be forgotten. They lived, they loved, they did and done. Consuming less and creating more while making a difference, what exactly does that mean, and what exactly could you do, to make that change in someone’s life? Well, for one: be optimistic; always be optimistic to the best of your abilities. Making people life’s less stressful and more meaningful, means consuming less negativity and creating differences and changing someone aspect of kindness in the most wondrous of ways. Give your all, have no regrets and most importantly do your best, at the end of the day, you brought someone happiness.



How To Be A Humanitarian

(From wikiHow)

Being a humanitarian does not necessarily involve getting on the next plane to a third world country, hugging children, and perpetuating the typical Western “good-doer” stereotype. In fact, humanitarianism is a rich tradition that encompasses a variety of political, social, and economic activities appealing to the full spectrum of humanity.

1 Educate yourself. A popular misconception is that humanitarians are extremely supportive of the United Nations. In actual fact, not all humanitarians actually support the UN. However, this does not mean that several documents drafted by the United Nations (although seldom enforced) lose all relevance; often the problem rests with the institutions tasked with delivering decent outcomes rather than the well-intentioned statements. That being said, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an invaluable document that should be read by all humanitarians. Find out as much as you can (just typing humanitarianism into an online search engine brings up a wide array of sources). See citations for some humanitarian websites.

2 Select your area. Humanitarianism is a wide field, so it is wise to choose which aspect interests you most, whether it be social entrepreneurship or raising awareness about humanitarian disasters. Publicize the necessity for a more humanitarian, just, and cooperative global order.

3 Be socially responsible. Promote humanitarianism and loyalty to the human species in your local community, educate the public, speak at rallies and events. No individual person exists in isolation because existence is a cohesive conglomerate of energy. Global technological systems of communication and transportation and an empathetic biological infrastructure all foster the notion that humanity is an interconnected family whose survival and well-being it is essential to ensure.

4 Familiarize yourself with humanitarian symbols and the roles of humanitarian organizations. If you find it useful, join a non-governmental organization or start one yourself. Volunteer online and reach out to other organizations promoting the progress of humanity.

5 Get skilled. If you don’t have a skill or a hobby, it’s important to both yourself and your convictions that you adopt one. You can be creative and blend your personal interests with your humanitarian beliefs and combine them to create effective advocacy. Start with reading very widely; the more you read and understand, the better, and the more likely that you will form your own wonderful blend of ideas and solutions to humanitarian crises.

Revisiting A Lesson Learned

660px Star Trek DS9 logo svg


I seem to have a strange connection to an old Star Trek franchise, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine or as it is affectionately know DS9. I had to go back and do some research about this show which ran on television from 1993 until 1999. Once I started reading about it, I do remember watching it from time to time, though I wasn’t an avid fan. (What is interesting is I share my name with one of the characters, a fact which had to be pointed out to me by one of my readers).

What I did remember was another character, one Jadzia Dax. 

Dax is a “Trill” a race which is made up of a “Host” and a “Symbiont.” What is interesting is the symbiont seems to be neutral, gender wise while the host can be either male or female. Throughout their lives symbionts have many hosts which can be of either sex.  


The reason I’m telling you all of this is because Dax was the first recurring character I can remember who really got me to thinking about gender, what it really means to be a human, to be male or female and how such things really don’t matter to who we are in the ways which really count; in our hearts.

Of course there were other elements to this characters story line, the attrition two people feel for one another and how the perceptions of society, even a galactic spanning one, as well as an individuals racial background and the values we come to adopt for ourselves all come together in how we accept or reject relationships. There comes a time when the female host dies and the symbiont, Curzon is transferred to a male host. We can see the core person is the same, only the package has changed, yet it completely changes how everyone interacts with the character and how they now have to reevaluate their personal relationships. This brings to the surface a lot of assumptions and prejudices which many simply cannot overcome. In the end you find a tremendous amour of confusion, anger, and hurt. This is very much like what I and other trans people experience on a daily basis especially when they are first coming out to themselves and those around them. 

I remember how much watching these interactions hurt me as a viewer and at the time I couldn’t imagine what was being faced, what the writers must have had in mind…

My, how times have changed. Now I understand all too well what the message was, the vision which drove it, even though it may be in a way they never envisioned at the time. Certainly, I couldn’t see what the future held, but I now understand why this part of the storyline touched me, ringing with a truth I could not yet understand or accept.

I wonder how differently we would see things, think of issues of gender and sexual attraction if we could reach inside and bring out our true selves, to hold it in our hands and see it is the same as everyone else’s, that in the end we are something more than this mortal shell we wear and the differences are less than what makes us human.