Evaluation of Anxiety and Depression in a Community Sample of Transgender Youth

Evaluation of Anxiety and Depression in a Community Sample of Transgender Youth

Most studies have found that youth who do not conform to gender norms for their assigned sex have higher rates of depression and anxiety than their cisgender peers.1,2 However, more recent research featuring smaller cohorts (ie, ranging from 31 to 73 participants) of socially transitioned transgender youth—youth who identify and live as a gender different from their sex assignment at birth—show normative or only slightly elevated rates of depression and anxiety.3-5 We recruited a new, larger sample of socially transitioned transgender youth, their siblings, and age- and gender-matched control participants to test whether transgender youth experience significantly higher levels of anxiety and depression than their cisgender peers.

Transgender ‘conversion therapy’ associated with ‘severe psychological distress’

A study in JAMA Psychiatry is one of the first to highlight the psychological impact of efforts to change a trans person’s gender identity.

Exposure to “conversion therapy” — efforts by a secular or religious professional to change a transgender person’s gender identity — is associated with thoughts of and attempts at suicide, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal JAMA Psychiatry.