A Guy Flashed A Woman On A Bus And Every Other Woman Took A Swing At Him

A Guy Flashed A Woman On A Bus And Every Other Woman Took A Swing At Him:

“Most women know exactly what’s up when a man walks too close to them, acting real shady. I don’t think there’s a single lady of my acquaintance who hasn’t been flashed at some point, especially if she lives in a city with lots of opportunities for determined perverts to trap her in crowded areas.

This guy is in Turkey, on the other side of the world, and I still recognized exactly what he was up to. Hunched shoulders, bag ready to cover the evidence, one hand messing around at your belt. Yep, we got a penis on the bus. Most guys who do this depend on a women being too scared, ashamed, or just too damned tired to fight back or say anything. Well, this dude chose the wrong mark, and security footage of the incident shows his public shaming.”


Steubenville High School football players found guilty of raping 16-year old girl


I don’t even know what I had started to write today. I was distracted by a story on Yahoo! Sports. I’m not going to rehash the story here, you can read it at the link.

This made me sick when I first heard about about and make me sick today even as I feel a sense of relief the victim has some small justice. I say a small justice because this girl will live with what happened for the rest of her life. The criminals who attacked her? I doubt even now they see what they did as wrong, only that they were punished for just being “one of the boys.”

This is yet another story which should never have happened, wouldn’t have happened if those involved, the guilty and the “friends” who stood by had any understanding of basic humanity. Instead they were steeped in a culture which cast girls and women as the rightful property of men and boys who expect to be rewarded for being “stars” in something as pointless as high school sports. Of course it goes far beyond this one case or the local culture which spawned those involved. It speaks to the insidious nature of a world wide culture which places the value of one person over another based in their gender. When one segment of the population believes might makes right, when being able to force yourself on another person because you are physically able to do so, means you have the right to do so, then we see this as the result. Not only this but also stories such as the Scottish tourist attacked in India, or the earlier story of the Indian student who was attacked and later died. It is the stories found in every local paper of those attacked every day. When this is an everyday occurrence, something is very, very wrong and it needs to be changed. Now.

I understand the importance of dealing with gun violence as we see in the US at the moment, but the plight of women all over the world who are raped and killed every day needs to have the same insistent spotlight shone on it as well. One problem is no less life shattering than the other and they need to be brought to the forefront of public awareness.