Penis in the Women’s Room

Penis in the Women’s Room

Remember the 80’s sex comedy? This is where men learned what girls did in the locker room (or conversely where women learned what men fantasized about what girls did in the locker room). I always think back to the scene in “Stripes” where John Larroquette is using a spyglass to watch female recruits taking a shower and says
‘I wish I was a loofah’.
Such sexy fun times the girls were having where the men were not allowed to go! In these movies, men would go to great lengths, including cross dressing, to catch a glimpse of this sacred palace of sexy fun. And so you get an entire generation that has a very specific reference point for what locker room life is for women…what bathroom life is for women.

Some good news

Ruling limiting under-16s puberty blockers overturned

Doctors can judge if under-16s can give informed consent to puberty blocker use, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

The appeal was brought by the Tavistock Trust, which runs the UK’s only youth gender identity clinic.

The decision reverses a 2020 ruling that under-16s lacked capacity to give informed consent to the treatment, which delays the onset of puberty.

The original case was brought by Keira Bell, who says the clinic should have challenged her more over transitioning.

She said she was disappointed by the decision, and will seek permission to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Court of Appeal judges said they recognized “the difficulties and complexities” of the issue, but that “it is for the clinicians to exercise their judgement knowing how important it is that consent is properly obtained according to the particular individual circumstances”.

Be Prepared For Possibly Far More Serious Anti Trans & Anti LGBTQ+ Antics

Be Prepared For Possibly Far More Serious Anti Trans & Anti LGBTQ+ Antics

Owen Jones is a leftwing journalist who’s been a steadfast trans ally, and recently posted a tweet mentioning online TERF radicalization and also when he recently interviewed trans author Paris Lees talked about TERFs spending all their days immersed in online echo chambers feeding each other’s obsessive hatred of trans women. It’s been a far to frequent occurrence that we’ve seen spree killers in the United States who before committing mass murder have spent an enormous amount of time immersed in online White Supremacist message boards, in fact we don’t even have to look to the United States as recently we had the incel killer who shot dead five people in Plymouth and beforehand had spent months obsessing on incel message boards about his microcystic grievances, so one has to start asking how long before transphobic terfy bigots with their ever increasing obsessive cult of hate towards trans women ends up resulting in one of them actually doing some serious physical harm to one or more trans women?

Evaluation of Anxiety and Depression in a Community Sample of Transgender Youth

Evaluation of Anxiety and Depression in a Community Sample of Transgender Youth

Most studies have found that youth who do not conform to gender norms for their assigned sex have higher rates of depression and anxiety than their cisgender peers.1,2 However, more recent research featuring smaller cohorts (ie, ranging from 31 to 73 participants) of socially transitioned transgender youth—youth who identify and live as a gender different from their sex assignment at birth—show normative or only slightly elevated rates of depression and anxiety.3-5 We recruited a new, larger sample of socially transitioned transgender youth, their siblings, and age- and gender-matched control participants to test whether transgender youth experience significantly higher levels of anxiety and depression than their cisgender peers.