Waiting for the walls to come down…

Today has been very difficult to say the least. I have been having trouble with both of our cars, (pretty much just two beaters with heaters). One is barely running, constantly wanting to die without any warning. The other we just managed to get running after having replaced the alternator ans a leaking oil sensor. Stupid me, I got ahead of myself and took it out today only to find out I needed to replace the power steering fluid after almost taking out a telephone pole, then had to refill the transmission fluid followed by almost blowing up the engine because I forgot to check the coolant and the radiator was bone dry. Add to all this nearly getting into several accidents because I wasn’t focused on driving.

At this point I am beyond giving up. Everything I touch falls to sh*t and the very air I breathe is turned to poison. I do everything wrong and hurt everyone around me.

All I can do to change now is break.


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