Ok, whatever I’ve been doing, or not doing actually, isn’t working. Given the amount of time I’ve been wasting, it isn’t much of a surprise. The thing is, having finally accepted this obvious truth, I’m at a loss as to how to turn things around so I can make some progress in the right direction and finally break out this vicious cycle.


This week beat me half to death. I was running from dawn to dusk taking people all over town. Now these were things which needed to be done such as doctors appointments and job interviews but it meant an entire week when almost nothing was done at home which means I’ll spend the entire weekend playing catch up.


I’ve been racking my brain for hours now trying to write something which isn’t full of negative news, even with so much going on here in the states, and at this point I’m just overwhelmed.

I think I need to take some time to do something completely removed from anything dealing with trans issues or any of the other things which requires critical thought and just find something completely mindless so I can try to unwind and catch my breath.