Casting of Matt Bomer, Michelle Rodriguez as transgender characters angers community

Casting of Matt Bomer, Michelle Rodriguez as transgender characters angers community:

“Some in the transgender community argue that casting cisgender actors in trans roles limits actors from giving a fully authentic performance, and that it shuts out transgender actors who are looking for work.”


A Guilty Pleasure

Small confession, For almost as long as I can remember I have been a fan of spaghetti Westerns. I’m not old enough to have seen them in the theater, but I have enjoyed seeing them on television. Not the same I know, but I look at it the same way as DVDs today… by watching at home it 1 costs less, 2 I can bring my own snacks, and 3 bathroom breaks. Plus it’s time spent with the family which is the best time of all.


600full the good the bad and the ugly poster


My favorites by far have been the “Dollar Trilogy” which includes “A Fistful of Dollars”, “For A Few Dollars More” and “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” with the last being my most watched. Even today I can still remember the theme song as if I had heard it yesterday.

So, what film(s) do you consider your “guilty pleasure”?

Legendary Voice-Over Artist Hal Douglas Dies At 89

Hal Douglas


The family of renowned voice-over artist Hal Douglas has announced that he died at his home in northern Virginia on March 7, due to complications from pancreatic cancer.

Though many may not have known his name, they likely knew his voice. Douglas was known as one of the best voice-over talents in the industry, along with Don Morrow, 87, who voiced the “Titanic” trailer, and Don LaFontaine, who died in 2008.

It was Douglas’ dramatic baritone behind trailers for films such as “Philadelphia,” “Forrest Gump,” “Meet the Parents,” “lethal weapon” and many more.

Douglas is survived by his wife, Ruth Francis Douglas, their daughter, Sarah, and two sons from a previous marriage, Jeremy and Jon. Douglas died at his home in Lovettsville.

Some Thoughts About My Other Interests



I have another post I’m working on but it isn’t ready yet and I’m awaiting permission to use some images, so I’m going to chatter a little bit.

I am looking to expand my horizons on a number of fronts because quite frankly I’ve gotten lazy. In the not too distant past I kept up with new books coming out, new music by indie artists, and what was going on in the contemporary art scene as well as the latest news in technology. I have sadly fallen out of the habit of doing so, letting so many of my interests grow stale. Well, enough of that. I have started to rekindle my old interests, making them my new interests. Being cooped up in the house more than I like really leaves me wanting some adult conversation and some stimulating topics to pursue. I suppose this is one of the reasons I’m a bit of a tech nerd, a computer gives me the ability to stave off brain death… which is what happens when your main human interaction is with people young enough to be your kids… because, well… they’re your kids. As much as I like working nights because it really makes going to work easier, it really puts a damper of socializing. Add to this my lack of interests in going to places like bars and clubs, it makes Kira one dull girl most evenings. 

So what’s a girl to do? A number of things actually. I’m putting together my own little TvGuide of programs I want to watch, both past and present. Thankfully I have an account with Netflix which makes things easier, I also have Hulu. I spoke before about the programs I currently like, Elementary, Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards. I also enjoy some anime shows, cartoons, and a few (very few) reality shows, most notably American Pickers, so I have plenty of choices.

I also enjoy a good movie, regardless of genre. One thing is, I really don’t care for going to the theater too often, I would rather enjoy a good flick at home… after all, there are simply some things which make it easier. The cost, a pause button, cheaper popcorn, soda, and candy. I mean why should I pay more for a popcorn and medium soda than I did to see the movie in the first place? The last movie I saw on the big screen was Star Trek: Into Darkness.  On the other hand I have recently watched Oblivion, and Oz the Great and Powerful. In addition I have gone back to watch Hugo, Wreck It Ralph, and Rise of the Guardians.

Then there are books. At one point I was reading at least two books a week, and back in school there were times I was reading as much as a book a day. Even though I used reading as an escape growing up, I still think of it as an enjoyable pass time even when I’m not trying to get away from reality. Of all the things I lat slip over the past year and a half, this is the one which stung the most. I am now making a concerted effort to rekindle my reading habit. I am currently reading Ellen DeGeneres’s autobiography, “Seriously… I’m Kidding.” While I have never been a big fan, I wanted to read some autobiographies to get a better feel for writing my own and hers caught my eye. I’ve just started it, and it’s a bit cheesy at this point, I think it is going to be an interesting read. I am also going back an rereading Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series. It is an epic work of Fantasy and is destined to be a classic. Sadly Mr. Jordan died before he could finish his master work and the last two books were written by another author, still it well worth the time to read all fourteen novels.

So, there you go, a little insight into my offline life, at least the part which isn’t filled with being a parent and keeping house. At least it gives me a way to fill the time between when the dryer dings and the washer finishes…

An Interesting Article For Trans Awareness Week



Yesterday was The Transgender Day of Remembrance which is just one part of  Transgender Awareness Week. I really didn’t post much about Gender or Trans issues this week, though looking back, I should have… Next year I plan doing a lot more.

One thing I didn’t do was spend the time to look around for articles talking about Transgender people and the issues we face outside of the TDoR and so I am sure I missed some positive coverage. Thankfully, my friend “T” happened upon one over at and pointed it out to me. You can find it here; The Trans Characters That Changed TV and Film.

Now, I’ll be honest, I haven’t gone back to really look at the shows and movies mentioned in the article but I think I am going to spend some time doing so. 


I do have to say I don’t know how large of an impact these performances have had, though just seeing Trans people portrayed in the same “normal” light which has what has been shone on gay and lesbian characters is a sign of progress. Unfortunately, there are still examples of Trans people being portrayed in ways which are demeaning, used as plot twists and for comedic effect.


There is still such a long way to go. 



This post is going to be a bit of a hodge-podge.

First off, I ordered my wig… finally. I got the one I posted about before, the Glow Girl  by Forever Young.


Less than $50 including S&H. I ordered it in I-Heart-Expresso and I hope it isn’t too dark. We’ll see.

When I get it, I’ll write a review.

Last night I did something I wish I could take back….


We rented The Three Stooges. I really don’t know what to tell about this movie other than I could only stand about twenty minutes and then I had to scoop my brain off the floor. Even the five year old said it was stupid. I don’t know, maybe someone else will find this funny, but not this girl. If I want to watch pointless violence and listen to terrible jokes, I’ll sit back and watch the kids, it’s better entertainment and it costs less.

Now onto something better…

We also rented Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.


I loved the first movie and so was looking forward to seeing this as well and my hopes were well founded. It was a very good movie and well worth the wait. The storyline is excellent and the dynamic between Watson and Holmes is as lively as ever. It is a gripping, funny, and satisfying story and if you liked the first, you most likely will enjoy A Game of Shadows as well.

And incase your wondering, I am really terrible at movie reviews, I always want to give away the ending.

On a personal note, I find that I am getting more comfortable making small changes to the way I dress when going into public, nothing most people would notice, but that isn’t really the point. These are things I am doing for myself, not anyone else.

I am however, having trouble keeping myself in check. To remember that I present as male, which means maintaining my mannerisms and the way I do simple things like walking. I am still overly aware of how I am moving and it sometimes becomes a distraction.

I want express myself more but I don’t dare.

Something else I need to stop doing is looking at others who are on hormones and seeing the incredible change they go through. It drives me crazy to think it is possible I could have similar results while knowing in my head that taking hormones could do serious damage to my health or possibly kill me. I really don’t want to reach a point where I am forced to make such a choice.