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News For Today

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Labor Day 2013

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Happy Labor Day!

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Him, Her and Him Again

I will admit to being confused by the news update which has come out regarding Don (Dawn) Ennis who, you may remember, came out publicly  as a Transwoman back in May of this year. Since then he has apparently had a change of heart or maybe mind and has announced he is not actually Transgender and is returning to life as male.

I remember reading something not too long ago about “him” suddenly switching from female to male, though I can’t find it at the moment, and thought it was sad to see someone going through such struggles.At the time there wasn’t much in the way of an explanation and I thought there wouldn’t be much more to say…

Seems I was mistaken, though what is being said now is maybe more confusing then a simple case of someone who chose not to transition and I am left wondering just what’s happing here, as are many other people.

According to numerous stories, Don now he says he suffered from a two-day bout of amnesia that has made him realize he wants to live his life again as Don.

“I accused my wife of playing some kind of cruel joke, dressing me up in a wig and bra and making fake ID’s with the name ‘Dawn’ on it. Seriously,” Ennis wrote in a memo he posted to the newsroom bulletin board Friday, explaining his shock after he woke up from what he called a “transient global amnesia” last month.

“It became obvious this was not the case once I took off the bra — and discovered two reasons I was wearing one,” he said, referring to his hormone-induced breasts.

“I thought it was 1999 . . . and I was sure as hell that I was a man,” Ennis said in the e-mail titled “Not Reportable, Very Confirmed.”

“Fortunately, my memories of the last 14 years have since returned. But what did not return was my identity as Dawn,” said Ennis, who had been wearing lipstick, skirts and heels.

“I am writing to let you know I’m changing my name . . . to Don Ennis. That will be my name again, now and forever. And it appears I’m not transgender after all.

“I have retained the much different mind-set I had in 1999: I am now totally, completely, unabashedly male in my mind, despite my physical attributes,” he said.

“I’m asking all of you who accepted me as a transgender to now understand: I was misdiagnosed.

“I am already using the men’s room and dressing accordingly,” he noted.

“It’s so odd to be experiencing this from the other side; as recently as last Friday, I felt I was indeed a woman, in my mind, body and soul.

“Even though I will not wear the wig or the makeup or the skirts again, I promise to remain a strong straight ally, a supporter of diversity and an advocate for equal rights and other LGBT issues including same-sex marriage.”

Ennis had previously told friends that he suspected his sex mix-up happened because his mother gave him female hormones as a child that made him look and sound young to prolong a bit-part acting career, but he ended up developing breasts and started thinking he was a woman.

He explained he had gone to the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Md., for testing last month to understand why his mind and body changed from male to female. He said he learned it was a hormone imbalance that could be fixed.

A week after he was discharged, his wife rushed him back to the hospital because he thought he was having a seizure and was experiencing a “drastic loss of memory.”

Don added that he now feels “fantastic” as a man again.

And he said he hopes that with the hormone treatment and surgery, things will only get better.

Despite his short stint as a woman he told colleagues in the letter that he promises to remain “a strong straight ally and a supporter of diversity and an advocate for equal rights and other LGBT issues including same sex marriage.”

He plans to change the gender and name on his driver’s license, work ID and e-mail.

He called his three-month odyssey into the world of women “a tremendous gift.”

“I know my wonderful colleagues will no doubt make it easier for the next person to transition at ABC,” he wrote.

The startling he-to-she-back-to-he move came after Ennis had publicly announced on Facebook in May that he was leaving his wife of 17 years, Wendy, to become a full-time woman.

The Connecticut resident has now assured friends and colleagues that his switch back to being a man isn’t a joke.

“The new change I’m revealing to you today did not arise because I couldn’t hack it, or people wouldn’t accept the new/real/female ‘me,’ or I had trouble finding shoes that fit (Oh, I found plenty, more than I could afford),” he wrote.

“Even my beloved, who had encouraged me to be true to myself at the expense of our marriage, had finally accepted my new identity.”

The editor had said female was “the gender that ruled my body and now my mind.”

But Ennis said in last week’s e-mail to colleagues that he was reversing course again, declaring: “No, I’m not f–king with you. No this is not a joke. No, this is not an episode of ‘Would You Fall For That?’ ”


 I won’t claim to understand all of this. It is something I have never experienced personally, so I will have to take Don at his word… (of course I did the same of Dawn and I see how that turned out…)

If I sound skeptical, it’s only because this sounds a little too far fetched. Amnesia, going back to 1999? I don’t know what to believe at this point, but there are more than a few commenters who think this was all a publicity stunt and to watch out for the book and movie deals… Unfortunately I cannot dispute feelings I find myself sharing.

The worst part of this is knowing such a story is sure to give ammunition to a lot people who really don’t need it. RadFems, Religious fundamentalists, and haters of every strip are going to try and use this as “proof” trans people are mentally ill and need to be kept away from polite society.

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Independence Day

Tomorrow is Independence day here in the U.S. A day off for most of us, a time to spend with family and friends.

I wish all my fellow Americans a safe and fun holiday, and to those who live elsewhere in the great big world, I hope you have a great day too!

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Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA

The U.S. Supreme Court delivered a landmark victory for gay rights on Wednesday by forcing the federal government to recognize same-sex marriage in states where it is legal and paving the way for it in California, the most populous state.

Today the Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional a key part of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, (DOMA) which denies federal benefits to same-sex couples who are legally married in the state where they reside.

As expected, however, the court fell short of a broader ruling endorsing a fundamental right for gay people to marry, meaning that there will be no impact in the more than 30 states that do not recognize gay marriage.

The court struck down Section 3 of DOMA, which limited the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman for the purposes of federal benefits, as a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection under the law.

“DOMA instructs all federal officials, and indeed all persons with whom same-sex couples interact, including their own children, that their marriage is less worthy than the marriages of others,” Kennedy wrote.

“The federal statute is invalid, for no legitimate purpose overcomes the purpose and effect to disparage and to injure those whom the State, by its marriage laws, sought to protect in personhood and dignity.”

Justice Anthony Kennedy, 76, appointed to the court by Republican President Ronald Reagan in 1988, was the key vote and wrote the DOMA opinion, the third major gay rights ruling he has authored since 1996.

In a separate opinion, the court ducked a decision on Proposition 8 by finding that supporters of the California law did not have standing to appeal a federal district court ruling that struck it down. By doing so, the justices let stand the lower-court ruling that had found the ban unconstitutional.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the Proposition 8 opinion, ruling along procedural lines in a way that said nothing about how the court would rule on the merits. The court was split upon unusual lines, with liberals and conservatives in the majority and the dissent.

My Two Cents:

I have long felt DOMA and the many efforts by the states to restrict marriage were morally wrong and unconstitutional.

Marriage as recognized by governments; local, state, and federal  are sectarian, based in law not on religious dogma, which is as it should be given the basic tenet of separation of church and state. As such it should been seen as an equal provision for all, no matter their gender and should never have been restricted by what are clearly the direction of religious agencies.

That is not to say any religious group should be forced to provide a service which stands against their beliefs, yet the freedom of a group to deny such services should in no way affect a persons opportunity to have such services provided by the state in a nondiscriminatory manner.

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Transgender People Say They’re Ready For The Spotlight

“Transgender people say they’re ready for the spotlight”. A story published Sunday, June 23, 2013 by The Seattle Times.

“Many transgender men and women face hardships in routine areas of daily life. They are twice as likely as the general population to be unemployed or homeless and four times as likely to live in poverty.”

Read the complete story Here.