Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin Declares War on Transgender Kids

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin Declares War on Transgender Kids

Virginia’s governor has stripped transgender public school kids in the state’s schools of fundamental rights to dignity and belonging. Under new policies by Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin, Virginia will no longer allow transgender students to use facilities marked by their gender identity in schools, a move that critics say is inhumane. 

The Virginia Department of Education released several guidelines on Friday that reversed policies it had outlined the previous year regarding transgender students’ rights.

Kiwi Farms has been scrubbed from the Internet Archive

The site has been offline for days

Kiwi Farms has been scrubbed from the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is no longer hosting backups of Kiwi Farms, continuing the forum’s removal from major web platforms. Twitch streamer Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti, who has led a recent campaign against the site, publicized the removal yesterday. Another tweet noted that a separate backup site has also been removed; searching either returns a response that “this URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.”

Reported sexual assaults across US military increase by 13%

Reported sexual assaults across US military increase by 13%

WASHINGTON (AP) — Reports of sexual assaults across the U.S. military jumped by 13% last year, driven by significant increases in the Army and the Navy as bases began to move out of pandemic restrictions and public venues reopened, The Associated Press has learned.

Mirroring the increase in those reports is the disclosure that close to 36,000 service members said in a confidential survey that they had experienced unwanted sexual contact — a dramatic increase over the roughly 20,000 who said that in a similar 2018 survey, U.S. defense and military officials said.

The latest numbers are certain to anger lawmakers on Capitol Hill who have been critical of the Pentagon’s efforts to get a handle on sexual crimes and misconduct.

According to officials, the overall increase is largely fueled by a nearly 26% jump in reports involving Army soldiers. It’s the largest increase for that service since 2013, when such reports went up by 51%.

Experts: Hateful rhetoric, fear drive rising crime against transgender people

Experts: Hateful rhetoric, fear drive rising crime against transgender people

As transgender and non-binary Americans face increasing levels of reported violence, coupled with a host of new anti-trans laws and policies, advocates say it’s more important than ever to expand trans rights in all facets of life.

These anti-LGBTQ laws go into effect today

Most anti-LGBTQ bills will be implemented today. Is your state on the list?

Nearly a dozen anti-LGBTQ bills are scheduled to go into effect today in states across the U.S. Alabama, Florida, Indiana, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Utah will all see restrictions placed on trans athletes, bans on LGBTQ topics in public schools, and other laws.

More than 300 anti-LGBTQ bills have been introduced in state houses across the county this year. Over two dozen have passed, and ten of those go into effect today—a grim record for 2022. According to the Trevor Project, July 1 represents the single day when the most anti-LGBTQ bills will be implemented this year.