Today has left me feeling off and disconnected. I haven’t been able to maintain my concentration to the point I almost forgot to pay before leaving the grocery store. If my middle son hadn’t been with me, things would have gotten awkward.

Needless to say, it has me more than a little rattled.

I have a therapy session tomorrow and I will discuss it with her.


Still catching my breath after yesterday but one thing is clear, there is a lot I need to process more I need to prepare for moving forward. There is also the simple fact there is nothing to be gained from decrying what cannot be changed.

As for the future, one area of concern is my memory centers have atrophied, which explains why I forget things far too easily. Also why I fall into a very narrow focus when doing various activities such as working on the computer. There is also the issue of how a slight change to my daily plans can throw me completely off the rails, so I really need to work on a plan which will give me path forward as well as take into consideration any likely deterioration. Of course this is something I am going to have to discuss with the neurologist. The obvious starting point is making daily, weekly, even monthly lists, and using reminders both electronically and physically.

There are some changes to be made with my medications and possibly even my diet. It’s going to depend on a number of factors, many of which are going to be out of my control. All I can do is take things one day at a time, one appointment at a time. and one change at a time.