“True North Ep” New Music From Sam Marrow

There is an artist I would like to share with my readers. His name is Sam Morrow and he is a wonderful singer/songwriter who has released his debut album “True North Ep”. It is currently available on Noisetrade. This link takes you directly to the download page.


From his website;

“My hope is to make music that moves people to nod their head one moment only to shake it a verse later. I wanted to make a record full of contradictions to reflect the lives we all live. I started out in churches and now play in bars, but I’ve found crowds are pretty much the same wherever I go. We’re all searching for something bigger than ourselves, some truth we haven’t found yet. But that’s what keeps us searching, because the moment we quit looking, is the same moment our pens run out of ink.”


I don’t feel as though I write good reviews, which is why I more often than not just point people in the right direction and let them make up their own minds, but something about these songs touched a chord with me and I felt they needed to be shared.

I won’t try and discuss lyrics, often the words aren’t as important to me as the the feelings I get from simply letting the music play in the background.  For me, this collection brings a wistful feeling of regret and hope. Sam’s voice carries a soulful thoughtfulness which touches something deep within which, despite everything, still seeks something more; a raw honesty which we so often desperately  desire and secretly fear.


This is a short Ep, just four songs, yet it leaves me wanting to hear more.


True North EP

(image from noisetrade.com)


You can also find him on Facebook , Twitter, and Soundcloud.