First out Super Bowl coach speaks out against wave of bans on trans youth in sports

First out Super Bowl coach speaks out against wave of bans on trans youth in sports

“If we want to spend our energy on this idea of fairness, I think we need to start with the real, documented problems that women face,” Katie Sowers said in a clear rebuke of recent anti-trans bills.

Katie Sowers, the first openly LGBTQ person and the first woman coach to participate in a Super Bowl, has spoken out again about the recent efforts to ban trans people from participating in sports across the country.

She deconstructed arguments in support of such bans that are under the guise of protecting fairness in women’s sports competition. She first pointed out that sports are more than wins and losses, but also adding that people “need to start with the real, documented problems that women face” if they wish to address such concerns.

This Trans Day of Visibility, we must be active in the fight against anti-trans legislation proliferating across the country, starting with Arkansas, Alabama, and South Dakota.

Visibility Alone Will Not Keep Transgender Youth Safe

This is why we expanded Trans Day of Visibility, which annually falls on March 31, into Trans Week of Visibility and Action, an effort to mobilize our community and allies against the national wave of anti-trans legislation and rhetoric that attacks and questions our existence. If we don’t put up a coordinated and spirited fight, these bills will devastate the lives of vulnerable youth across the country—and many already have. They will continue to be a threat in the coming weeks, and possibly years to come—which is why we have to start acting now.

Attacks on Transgender Athletes Are Threatening Women’s Sports

Attacks on Transgender Athletes Are Threatening Women’s Sports

A flurry of legislation claiming to “protect” women in sports by potentially requiring athletes to prove their gender through invasive exams threatens the bodily autonomy of all girls in sports.

“The only thing to be gained from this legislation is to traumatize young people who are already at increased risks of depression and suicide,” Torres says, referring to the high rates of suicidality among trans youth. “This is not what our legislators are for. We are supposed to protect our children from predators, not subject them to predation.”


I’ve been looking through various Transgender news feeds and all I’m seeing are stories about all of the Republican bills being introduces across the country as if there weren’t any other pressing issues which need attention and honestly, I am sick and tired of it. If this pack of rabbid fundamintalist evangalical busy bodies spent half the energy on real problems such as homelessness, poverty, or education, everyones lives could be improved a thousand fold. Yet what are they all fired up about? Trans women and girls playing sports or worse yet, proper medical care for trans youth. WTAF?

Trans women in sports and the myth of “male puberty”

Trans women in sports and the myth of “male puberty”:

So there’s a diary up about the two transphobic garbage bills currently being pushed in Montana.

In the comments section of that diary several (cisgender) Kossacks are showing that they’ve been suckered by an old and pernicious lie told by TERFs and transphobes regarding trans women in sports.