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Woman born without vagina gets one made from tilapia fish skin

Woman born without vagina gets one made from tilapia fish skin

A Brazilian woman, born without a vagina, has become the first in the world to undergo pioneering reconstructive surgery that successfully created a new vaginal canal using the skin of tilapia fish.

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FIL Update

I don’t know much yet other than he is out of surgery and was waiting to go back to his room in ICU. When I know anything more I’ll pass it along.

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Therapy, Thoughts and Goals



I had a good therapy session today, though it did take some unexpected turns. Started out talking about my oldest and his bike wreck earlier this week. (He’s doing fine, thankfully, but now refuses to ride without a helmet). We then spoke about how I feel as if I’ve reached a quiet time, how I’m not feeling driven to pursue any thing physical in my transition and how I am instead using the time to rekindle my interests and hobbies which I had let slide because of all the energy I was spending on understanding myself. I really want to get back into those things which I enjoyed such as reading. This lead to talking about working on my autobiography, which then lead to how I have started reading Ellen DeGeneres and her book. 

At some point the conversation came back around to the difference between Transgender and Transsexual, how Transsexual pertains to those seeking medical transition, as compared to those who do not. This brought us to talking about what surgery involves, what is done and why, what the results are, both internal and external. From there it took an interesting turn when I brought the idea of doctors one day being able to create and transplant a working reproductive system… something which might one day be possible using stem cells. Then it turned to cloning, not just organs but a full human. I could write a weeks worth of posts about the difference between Sci-Fi clones and what might be possible, but I figure it would get really boring really quickly to most people… 

This lead to her final observation which came when she asked how long I had been studying Gender surgery and related subjects. (Which has been a little less than two years now.) She was surprised it has been such a short amour of time.

However, as I told her,  I started reading about genetics and related subjects all the back in elementary school simply because I became interested in it… so I had some understanding of what was involved before I really had a reason to dig in such things.

She asked what I was going to be doing toward my transition over the next week and into the near future. I explained that because the more physical problems had subsided somewhat, I really wanted to work on the mental side of things, to reestablish my life outside of trans only issues. As I said before, I am not one dimensional, There is so much more of me and I deserve to be everything I can be.