Taking The Night Off

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I’m basically taking the night off. I have this set to post up for tomorrow, (by WP time).

 I had two more teeth extracted today and I feel as if I was hit in the face with a bat, so it’s pain meds and sleep for me.


I’ll be back tomorrow.


Hope everyone has a great night,


Long Week



This week hasn’t been the best, not for personal reasons so much, but because it seems things have decided to gang up on us.

There has been a bug going through the family, so A and two of the boys have been sick. I have been feeling run down from a lack of sleep and my sinuses, which give me pounding headaches. Then there are the three days we have been having issues with the oldest which has been the most taxing. Any one alone I could handle, have handled many times, but it seems as if it is one thing after another and my reserves are about spent.

Needless to say, it has been difficult to sit down and try and come up with anything interesting to write about, which makes for rather boring reading.

Last night I managed to take my lunch break at work and get something posted, but it felt more like dumb luck than anything planned. I usually write about things after I have had most of the day to hash things out and posting something after just  a few hours, if that, feels like I’m rushing to just have something up.

Another thing is how much trouble I’m having dealing with the desire to be myself even more after this past weekend. I felt so comfortable, so normal, so much myself, I loathed having to go back to boy mode. Every day this week as I have been getting ready for work I have wanted to say the hell with it and go as myself. I know better of course, but I still want to. Living like this is really a pain…

But whoever said life was going to be easy?