A wonderful Day

I have to say this was a good Thanksgiving, got to spend with A’s family including some we haven’t seen since Summer.
This year has been different in other ways of course. I’m not the same and I can see how this is a good thing. Though I had to be in “guy mode” as much as I can, I am so much more open and relaxed. I found this time truly enjoyable, unlike years past. But I’m not going to dwell on that, it just isn’t worth it.
After this experience, I’m looking forward to Christmas. I can’t imagine how much better it is going to be.

When Your Heart Was Mine




When Your Heart Was Mine

By Kira A. Moore



Memories of Summer,

Come to mind.

Found in the light,

Of your eyes.


Sunlight reflected,

Upon open waters.

You there,

By my side.


Can we go back,

Step back,

To the days,

Your heart was mine?


The whispering,

Of Autumn’s leaves,

Your hand,

In mine.


The promises we made,

Spoken in the dark.

Our hearts burning,

Our bodies yearning.


Can we go back,

Step back,

To the days,

Your heart was mine?


Winter came,

Snowflakes upon the tongue.

Frosted breath,

In the morning light.


You left me there,

Tangled in the sheets.

Your pillow,

Long grown cold.


Can we go back,

Step back,

To the days,

Your heart was mine?

The Days We Have Shared



The Days We Have Shared

By Kira A. Moore


Where did the day go?

Slipping away into twilight,

As the air stood still,

And Winter tears,

Fell with feathered touch.


The sting of icy kisses,

Upon my cheeks,

As we walked, laughing

Just because we are,

Here, now, together.


I never want this moment,

To end, let it go

On until the end of time,

Eternity slipping away,

Like the days we have shared. 

Suicide: Read Me First





Once more I wish to mention something regarding a subject which touches me very deeply.

After contacting the administrator for the site, Suicide: Read Me First, I have been given permission to add a link in my Blogroll, which you will find on the right side of my Main Page.

If you know of anyone who might be thinking about suicide, please direct them to their site, it might just be the one thing which makes all the difference in getting the help they need. 


I do need to mention, I was planning to add another page to address this issue, but there is so much information written by people better able to address this issue, I am going to occasionally post links instead.