Transforming Gender – Doc Zone

Transforming Gender – Doc Zone:

“The battle over the rights and freedoms of transgender individuals is the first great civil rights struggle of the 21st century. In the last five years, mainstream culture has woken up to the vivid presence of transgender people in their midst. From a generation of gender variant children and pop culture celebrities, to transitioning superstar athletes and soldiers, trans people have never been more visible.

Behind the headlines though, a darker picture emerges. Transgender people are among the most persecuted, least protected people in our society. Many transgender people live in fear of being evicted from their homes, being fired from their jobs, and being denied medical treatment. A 2011 survey of 6,000 transgender individuals found that more than half reported experiencing harassment in public accommodations, including bathrooms, restaurants, and hotels. More than one in three transgender people attempt suicide at some point in their lives. Violence is a constant threat, especially against transgender women.”

Something Isn’t Right Tonight

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It seems I am in some sort of rhythm, Sunday and Monday my mood is often down if I’m not out right depressed and by the end of the week I rebound to a more stable state. I don’t know if it is just the way I am or if it has anything to do with the medication I’m on, but this has been the pattern for at least a month now. Except for today… Today everything has been rather fuzzy mentally. I haven’t been able to concentrate very well and my train of thought just seems to fade off into nothing, like a set of tracks lost to the early morning mist. 

I know part of it is I’m not feeling well… not sure why, I just feel “off” and I know something isn’t right, but I couldn’t tell you if it was too much sun, something I ate, or a bug of some sort. Still, it is unsettling. 

There were so many things I felt I wanted to talk about, countless thoughts which drifted across my mind but which have since slipped away, sometimes from one thought to the next. I can’t even follow a trail of breadcrumbs at this point…

I’m not going to work tonight, I’m just going to take some medicine and try to sleep.