What legendary trans elder Donna Personna’s extraordinary life teaches us about chosen family

What legendary trans elder Donna Personna’s extraordinary life teaches us about chosen family

When filmmaker Jay Bedwani glimpsed a woman in a long, red, sequinned dress at a pool party in San Francisco a decade ago, he had no idea it would be the start of a long, profound creative relationship.

The Forgotten History of the World’s First Trans Clinic

The Institute for Sexual Research in Berlin would be a century old if it hadn’t fallen victim to Nazi ideology

Magnus Hirschfeld, right, and his protege and partner Li Shiu Tong, left, at the Fourth Congress of the World League for Sexual Reform, 1932. Credit: Wesscome Images Wikimedia (CC BY 4.0)

The Forgotten History of the World’s First Trans Clinic

The first gender affirmation surgeries took place in 1920s, at a facility which employed transgender technicians and nurses, and which was headed by a gay Jewish man. The forgotten history of the institute, and its fall to Nazis bent on the euthanasia of homosexuals and transgender people, offers us both hope—and a cautionary tale—in the face of oppressive anti-trans legislation in the United States.

Imara Jones: Why Black Trans Women Are Essential to Our Future

Imara Jones: Why Black Trans Women Are Essential to Our Future

Trans people are not new. We have always been here. As long as there’s been recorded human history, we have always existed. But we have been written out of the human story—and when you come from a community that is without a full range of possibility models, it raises the question, in yourself as well as others, of whether or not you deserve rights or a place in society. Because everything generally in society fails Black trans women, that’s how we get to epidemic levels of violence, mass levels of unemployment and a lack of education for us.

5 Amazing Trans Women You Didn’t Learn About in History Class

5 Amazing Trans Women You Didn’t Learn About in History Class

While those interested in LGBTQ+ history are becoming more aware of important figures in transgender history (like Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, and Lili Elbe) through films that chronicle their lives, there were so many trans women who fought for their rights and happiness but who were never covered in history class. Here are five women who broke major ground and deserve a spot in the curriculum.

The Surprisingly Old Science of Living as Transgender

In the 20th century’s middle decades, the first recipient of phalloplasty surgery fought to be recognized as a man

Transgender individuals have been recently maligned as succumbing to a new “fad,” symptomatic of “leftist” modern culture. In fact, bigendered, nongendered or transgendered people have appeared throughout human history, and the practice of sexual reassignment surgery dates from the Second World War. Dillon would be one of the pioneers, making use of plastic surgery developed to treat the battle-scarred. In many ways, the technical, medical and legal hurdles were more easily surmounted then than now, but the fight for acceptance, and the right to exist in peace, was just as fraught.



Forsaken transgender pioneers recognized 50 years after …

Forsaken transgender pioneers recognized 50 years after …:

NEW YORK, June 12 (Reuters) – According to LGBTQ legend it was Marsha P. Johnson, a black transgender woman, who threw the first brick at the Stonewall Inn 50 years ago, sparking the modern gay liberation movement.

Whether her act of rebellion was truly the first in the rioting is debatable, although she was “almost indubitably among the first to be violent,” writes David Carter in “Stonewall,” his 2004 book about the police raid on a New York gay bar that became a historic moment.

What is certain about Johnson’s role, at least for today’s transgender community, is that the stone she cast packed the most thunder.

Transforming History | Retro Report

Transforming History | Retro Report:

“The transgender community’s fight for rights took shape in the 1960s, and included a little-known uprising at Gene Compton’s all-night cafeteria in San Francisco, then continued in New York City, thanks to the determined activism of Sylvia Rivera and others, in the wake of the riot at the Stonewall Inn.

Transgender people continue their struggle for rights today. Sasha Alexander Perez, 29, and Olympia Perez Alexander, 24, who are married and living in Bedford–Stuyvesant Brooklyn, run Black Trans Media, an organization dedicated to uniting the black trans community against oppression in their everyday lives.”

What’s in a Word? The Challenges of ‘Transgender’ – TRANZGENDR

What’s in a Word? The Challenges of ‘Transgender’ – TRANZGENDR:

“Thanks to recent media coverage like the New York Times’ Transgender Today series, celebrities like Laverne Cox and television shows like Transparent, most people are becoming increasingly familiar with transgender culture.”