I Was Recently Informed I’m Not a Transsexual | Advocate.com

I Was Recently Informed I’m Not a Transsexual | Advocate.com:

“I was giving my Gender 101 presentation to an important corporate client in the Bay Area recently when I got to terms and definitions. It was then I learned I am no longer a transsexual. I tried to define the difference between ‘transgender’ and ‘transsexual’ but was stopped by three young people — two of whom identified themselves as nonbinary — who took strong exception to the word ‘transsexual.’”

What Does Transgender Mean, and How Do People Transition?

A nice primer.


What Does Transgender Mean, and How Do People Transition?:

“It’s the latest fight in LGBTQ battlegrounds across the world: transgender rights. From Caitlyn Jenner’s gender transitioning to the battle over bathroom access, transgender news is flooding the mainstream. And while being transgender is as old as the human race itself, for many people, the topic is new.

How does someone transition from one gender to another? What are transgender people, and what do they look like? For the uninitiated, here’s your primer on being transgender and being a good transgender ally.”

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Time to Catch Up.

It is the end of what has been a long and stressful week. It began last week with a family emergency which was a triggering event for me, bringing back many memories and fears. Thankfully things are moving in the correct direction and we, as a family, are gaining the skills, patience, and experience to become closer and stronger.

I have made every effort to keep the focus where it is needed most, which was not on me and even now I am reluctant to insert my own issues into the mix but thankfully, in some unexpected ways, I found myself challenged to embrace my true self even more closely.

Before this happened I was falling into an old pattern, convincing myself I could survive as I had for so many years, drawing a veil around myself to hide in plain sight, to push away the positive feelings and embrace the negative. To berate myself as a fool, delusional, deceived, misguided, a know nothing who was wrong… wrong… wrong.

Yet somehow, every time something has happened, sometimes internally, others externally which blocks off one path while opening another. Every time the new way brought me back to being my authentic self. This time it was external, someone taking it upon themselves to make a brave decision to make me more comfortable. It was touching, it was emotional, and it changed a relationship for the better.

It also left me in tears.

We Exist: The 10 Episode Trans Documentary Series – TRANZGENDR

We Exist: The 10 Episode Trans Documentary Series – TRANZGENDR:

“We Exist is a 10 episode documentary series, consisting of 22 minute episodes hosted by Isley Reust. Season one follows the lives of transgender men and women serving in; the armed forces, law enforcement, fire rescue, as well as all spectrums of the medical field.

Each episode showcases a new person in a new town as Ms. Reust travels the globe, interviewing these remarkable men and women, while capturing their stories in addition to sharing their daily lives.”

Jake Graf’s ‘Headspace’ shows what runs through transgender people’s minds / LGBTQ Nation

Jake Graf’s ‘Headspace’ shows what runs through transgender people’s minds / LGBTQ Nation:

“‘Headspace’ was shared by Upworthy on Friday afternoon and offers a rare and intimate glimpse into the daily trials and tribulations of trans people across the world. British audiences saw the short film via HuffPost in February amassing 3.5 million online hits and translations into French, Spanish and Russian.”

Transgender Trauma | World of Psychology


Transgender Trauma | World of Psychology:

“Where did the idea come from that it is acceptable to hate or judge someone because of their gender identity? I spoke with a transwoman today who fears leaving her home since she has been verbally attacked and threatened with physical harm. She has also been criticized by others who are trans because she has not embraced a gender binary.”

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