Slip sliding away

I had thought about going out today as I mentioned in yesterdays post but the weather didn’t cooperate. It was overcast and cold all day, the weather people were also calling for snow for the past several days which naturally didn’t show up until I had to go out.

As the title says, it was cold and slippery and I once I felt like a cartoon character as I watched my turn slide past when I used the brakes. Thankfully no one was too close. Add to that sliding at every stop sign and light with me using some colorful language.

Now I’m sitting here with a hot cup of coffee, and I am not going back out there unless someone is dying.

A Towing We Will Go

Thankfully we have good family who are letting use a car until we can replace ours, which Was brought home on a flat bed this morning. Seems something broke in the top end, either a valve spring or connecting rod. Regardless, it sounds like pieces are loose in valve cover or dropped down into a cylinder. Needless to say the engine is shot and we sure don’t have the money to pour into a car which isn’t worth all that much. So the hunt for another beater with a heater begins.

Bad Day

Today wasn’t good, either mentally or physically. I feel as if I’ve been beaten, everything hurts from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet and at this point all I can do is make this quick update and take my sorry self to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.