Bulletproof: What is a Woman?

Bulletproof: What is a Woman?

The other day, my partner (who is nonbinary) shared with me a video clip that was making the rounds on twitter. The clip is from the documentary “What Is a Woman,” by conservative youtube personality (some might say “grifter”) Matt Walsh, in which he interviews Dr. Patrick Grzanka, a professor of Women, Gender and Sexuality studies at the University of Tennessee. If you don’t know who Matt Walsh is, Dr. Grzanka didn’t either, and the segment begins somewhat innocuously. The professor seems under the impression that this is a good-faith interview and that his counterpart is genuinely curious to understand contemporary academic theories of gender identity. It is quickly apparent, however, that Walsh is there with an agenda, as he edits Grzanka’s in-depth response to the question “are sex and gender the same thing” into a montage that makes the professor appear to drone on and on without arriving at a simple answer to the question. As the conversation continues, the professor clues in to the fact that his counterpart is not there in good faith at all; the interview turns hostile, and unfolds as one might expect.

Amia Srinivasan: ‘Sex as a subject isn’t weird. It’s very, very serious’

Amia Srinivasan: ‘Sex as a subject isn’t weird. It’s very, very serious’

The Right to Sex grew out of an essay, “Does anyone have the right to sex?”, that Srinivasan published in the London Review of Books in 2018: a provocative, highly intellectual bit of writing that, in context, rather stood out for its casual (and yet, not casual at all) use of the word “fuckability”, as well as for the attention it paid to the woes of Asian men on Grindr . This essay having “resonated” with readers, a publisher suggested to her that she might extend it into a book. Was she ready to do this? Yes, she was.

‘She made music jump into 3D’: Wendy Carlos, the reclusive synth genius | Music | The Guardian

‘She made music jump into 3D’: Wendy Carlos, the reclusive synth genius | Music | The Guardian:

She went platinum by plugging Bach into 20th-century machines, and was soon working with Stanley Kubrick. But prejudice around her gender transition pushed Wendy Carlos out of sight.

Trans women do not owe you a beauty standard


Obviously, it goes without saying that being femme is a valid identity, and there is every empowerment in expressing one’s identity as one wishes. However, when every trans woman is portrayed as femme and glamourous, even if that beauty is stripped back from them in the case of Sophia in Orange is the New Black, it creates the expectation that all trans women must adhere to the notion that to be a woman is to be femme. Yes, there are plenty of trans women who eschew notions of impossibly high beauty standards, but their representation in the media are few and far between.

Clementine Ford: ‘Men keep murdering women and people keep acting shocked’

Clementine Ford: ‘Men keep murdering women and people keep acting shocked’

Hannah Clarke was the loving mother of three beautiful children. Their names were Aaliyah, Laianah and Trey. They were 6, 4 and 3. A photograph made public this week shows the four of them smiling while splashing in the shallows at the beach.