This Is How 23 Countries Feel About Transgender Rights – BuzzFeed News

This Is How 23 Countries Feel About Transgender Rights – BuzzFeed News:

“As the rights of transgender people became a major political issue in the US with fights over bathroom access, many other countries around the world have been locked in fundamental debates over gender identity.”

Transgender murder case ripples through world relations | The Coloradoan |

Transgender murder case ripples through world relations | The Coloradoan |

“The death of a Filipino transgender woman following a bilateral military training exercise made international waves after a U.S. Marine was charged with murder.

The incident rippled up the military chain of command on Oct. 12, with top officers warning of trouble with one of the nation’s closest allies in the region.”

(Via. Coloradoan)

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A new video has surfaced of prisoner of war Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who has been held captive by the Taliban in Pakistan since June 2009.  It is the sixth video since then showing the only American military service member to ever be captured by the Taliban.

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A Danish tourist told police she was gang raped, beaten and robbed after getting lost in the heart of the the Indian capital, New Delhi, officials said Wednesday.

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Parents say love for transgender child is unconditional

 The parents of a Cumberland County first-grader who was born a boy but identifies as a girl say their decision to allow her to go to school as a transgender child was one based on unconditional love and a desire for her to be happy.



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