You know, one of these days I might actually figure out what it takes to write post which would garner a reasonable number of visitors with meaningful interactions. Of course I really don’t se it happening, after all, I’ve been writing here for years and I still have no idea what I’m doing.

Be that as it may, that wasn’t the point of wanting to post today, or really any other one for that matter. My entire intention was to simply show someone who needed it, they weren’t alone in dealing with some insane things in their life and no mater how bad it might seem, there was always someone who, if not understand, then at least relate. I don’t know if I have ever come close to succeeding, but I hope maybe, in some small way all my endless jabbering as had a positive effect.

I’m saying all of this because I am facing yet another anniversary where the only real change is in the number of wrinkles and grey hair while the reflection mocks the lack of anything of significance.