Elementary School Says Little Girl’s Wonder Woman Lunchbox Is ‘Too Violent’ For The Classroom, Bans Superhero Images From School

Triple Facepalm


Elementary School Says Little Girl’s Wonder Woman Lunchbox Is ‘Too Violent’ For The Classroom, Bans Superhero Images From School:

“A little girl was sent home with a note outlining the reasons why her ‘violent’ Wonder Woman lunchbox would not be allowed back into the classroom. The elementary school noted that the Wonder Woman lunchbox was a violation of the school handbook due to the fact the female superhero was considered a ‘violent character’ not because of any violence present on the lunchbox itself. That is right folks, an elementary school has deemed the entire Justice League, the Avengers and any other do-gooder superhero that may use force to overcome villains as ‘violent characters’ and unacceptable for display in the school setting. The school was sure to point out that the image should not appear on the child’s socks either.”


Here Are 17 Of The Trans Women Murdered This Year. Say Their Names.

Here Are 17 Of The Trans Women Murdered This Year. Say Their Names.:

“Last weekend, transgender activist and television personality Janet Mock made cable network history.

After the murders of four trans women were reported over a period of 48 hours, Mock, while guest hosting Melissa Harris-Perry’s show on MSNBC, took time out of the program to name each of the reported 17 transgender women — 15 of whom were women of color — who have been murdered in 2015.”

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Forever and Ever: Losing My Husband at 24 | Sarah McBride

I had several options for what I would post today until I read this story. I knew I had to share. The lessons are too important.


Forever and Ever: Losing My Husband at 24 | Sarah McBride:

“‘If it turns out that this is incurable, would you marry me?’ is not your traditional marriage proposal, but then again, Andy and I haven’t lived traditional lives.”

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Where Angel’s Fear…


This morning I made a decision, for good or ill, I cannot take back.

(Allright, reading that line back to myself sounds ominous…)

What did I do? Well, I had my annual evaluation at work. Not a big deal really but without really thinking about it I decided to come out to my boss and it went off without a hitch. 

She was very accommodating including giving me names of who I needed to speak to in HR. I mentioned not wearing makeup at work and she joked about some of the ladies who do, (on day shift) and how she couldn’t understand how they could clean showers and not have their makeup run off their faces. I also mentioned my fears about my coworkers and she assured me there shouldn’t be any issues and if there were I could come and talk to her.

Overall, a rather nice experience.

She did suggest I wait a little while before speaking to HR as this is the beginning of the semester and things are really hectic over there especially the first week. So, I have time to catch my breath, talk to my therapist, and figure out my new timeline.

The catastrophically bad New York Times op-ed on transgender research, debunked – Vox

The catastrophically bad New York Times op-ed on transgender research, debunked – Vox:

“What happens when the New York Times gets a professor of clinical psychiatry to look at the research on transgenderism and gender identity? Well, apparently the professor gets every study he looked at wrong.

The op-ed by Richard Friedman, a professor of clinical psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College, was supposed to be a scientific dive into the empirical research on gender identity. So it’s alarming that the article got all the research it cited wrong — at times misunderstanding basic definitions surrounding trans issues, and sometimes flatly misinterpreting the studies it cited. But what’s even worse is how Friedman uses his misinterpretations to justify very harmful practices for trans kids.”

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Song of the Abyss

Edge of the Abyss to Hell by Ann Warrenton

“Edge of the Abyss to Hell” by Ann Warrenton



There are times when it is difficult to see how to continue… Times when from the inside the scenery doesn’t seem to have changed no matter how much you have worked, hoped, or prayed.

When it seem the whole world has moved on while you remain static.

Add to this outside stresses and before you know it you have reached a place you know too well.

It starts with a whisper, so faint you might have imagined it; yet it returns time and again, just a little louder. It brings with it dreams unbidden, thoughts unexpected, and visions unwanted. Will-O-the-Wisps of promises. The comforting shade of hopes long buried.

There is a longing for the promised silence, a peace to be found beyond life. Your soul cries out for release even as the weight of simply waking up each day becomes a world trying to crush you, to drive you those last faltering steps from the sun into the eternal abyss.

I can close my eyes and see it waiting for me, as patiently as ever. The eternal winds blowing, lashing, taunting, whispering the words you have taken to heart; worthless, disappointment, mistaken, burden, failure…

All it requires is for you to take one last step.

Edge of the Abyss

Trans Deaths, White Privilege – The New York Times

This really made me stop and realize just how fortunate I’ve been.


Trans Deaths, White Privilege – The New York Times:

“Jennifer Finney Boylan, a professor of English at Barnard College, is the author of ‘Stuck in the Middle With You: Parenthood in Three Genders’ and a contributing opinion writer.”

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