Annoyed With Myself

If I remember correctly I happened across a post here on WP and another on FB regarding a free download of Benedict Jacka’s Alex Verus series. I thought I had saved the information but now I cannot find them.

I am hoping some kind soul knows what I’m talking about and can provide me with a link.

Where the presidential candidates stand on transgender issues | Sun Times National

Where the presidential candidates stand on transgender issues | Sun Times National:

“Politicians blow a lot of wind when it comes to discussing marriage equality, religious liberty, or LGBT rights. Hillary Clinton has staked out LGBT rights as part of her campaign. Others like Ted Cruz have waved the banner against it, racking up endorsements from anti-gay conservative leaders like collectibles.

But politicians often ignore that last bit — the T — even during a time of unprecedented visibility for the transgender community.”

5 Ways the Web Series Her Story Totally Changes the Conversation | SheWired

5 Ways the Web Series Her Story Totally Changes the Conversation | SheWired:

“Her Story packs a whole lot of important conversations into a wildly entertaining show. Her Story, a new web series written by, directed by, and starring trans women, premiered online last week. In just six episodes under ten minutes, the show tackled everything from transphobia in cisgender lesbian spaces, to the right to choose when and how one discloses that they’re transgender. The show offers a complex exploration of two transgender women characters and their coworkers, friends, and partners, and totally changes the conversation presented by the vast majority of media about trans women. Here are 5 important moments from this must-see show:”

The Artist ( Short Story)

The results were a given of course, the best of the best leading the rest and the best she was not. One had to actually care about such things if they hoped to hear their names whispered with awe and jealousy in the halls between classes and Shellie just couldn’t summon that level narcissism.

In fact she often had to remind teachers and classmates it was fortunate she showed up at all. 

Not to say she was a failure, she was passing all of her courses, even if some were by the preverbal whisker. Still, it was enough to keep her parents happy and since they payed the bills that was all that mattered.

Creativity was her true passion. It didn’t matter what it was, drawing, writing, or sewing her own clothes. She thought to be a singer once, (until the neighbors threatened to jab their own eardrums out  with something really, really dull at which point her mother kindly suggested trying something a tad quieter. She then tried to learn to play the trumpet but it was accidentally  crushed beneath the wheels of her father’s car when he ran over it… several times.)

She dreams of opening a showing at some promenade gallery in the city…

Now, if she can find a way to work all the crying and pleas for mercy into an interactive display…


I sit alone, only the ticking of a wall clock breaking the silence. My sight isn’t focused on the world outside the glass, my mind is lost to the memories of a long lost summer day when the heat pressing against my skin seemed to be foreign thing, so close yet so far away.

Maybe I was simply daydreaming or it was my first intimate dance with dysphoria at a time i didn’t have a word to describe what I felt. No matter the case, I was seeking refuge from the constant sadness, the pressure of knowing I didn’t fit with the life I was drowning in.

Near my house was a wooded hillside, it was easy to climb and it was a short distance to become lost from the sight of anyone passing by. As foolish as it seems now, it was easy to imagine I had passed beyond a leafy veil to enter a world where my heart could be free, even for just a short time.

There was a place where tree roots grew into a natural seat and it was here i opened myself to what surrounded me. A miniature world made of hundreds of emerald green litchen islands. I thought of all the times when I hadn’t even taken the time to notice these tiny worlds and it became clear it was the same with the whole world and myself… 

I could be uprooted,discarded and no one would notice as they passed on their way to something more important.