SBC to Parents: Kids Are Better Off Dead Than Trans | The Bilerico Project

SBC to Parents: Kids Are Better Off Dead Than Trans | The Bilerico Project:

“This past week the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) convened the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission Leadership Summit in Nashville, Tennessee. Its stated purpose was to ‘address the gospel and human sexuality to equip pastors and church leaders to speak to these critical issues in their own congregations.’

While not featuring any actual LGBT people, it did feature one shift in messaging. Speaker Dr. Russell Moore declared: ‘Faithfulness to Christ means obedience to Christ. It does not necessarily mean that someone’s attractions are going to change.’

LGB-centered media outlets declared that this was a major victory for ending the ‘ex-gay’ myth. What they didn’t pick up on was this summit featured some of the most deadly anti-transgender myths out there, especially those directed at transgender youth.”

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In My Head

I’m not sure what to say any more. This week has left me so tired, all I want is to sleep.

Sitting here, I have ‘Into Dust’ by Mazzy Star playing in a loop.The slow, melancholy rhythm seems to fit my state of mind better than any of the other music in my library. 

As I listen, I know, deep inside, my strength is failing me. Then again, maybe I was never as strong as I wanted to believe.

I never wanted to be anything other than myself, even when I didn’t know who I really was… Yet, as we all know, the world rarely accepts such definitions, insisting instead we become the thing it has decided to mold us into.

I never see myself in other’s eyes.

Never hear my name on their lips.

They cannot see me.

They cannot hear me.

I am less than a ghost.

A apparition of thoughts, hopes, and dreams.

I do not exist because I cannot exist.

I have spent a lifetime hiding from the truth and now all which remains is the lie. You can see it. Hear it. Feel it.

No longer myself, I am lost.


I simply wish to rest.

To put aside the weight I carry, even if for just a moment.

One I dreamed of walking in the sun. To cast my own shadow across the world.


No one listens.

No one sees.




Lydia Foy settles transgender birth cert case against State

Lydia Foy settles transgender birth cert case against State:

Transgender woman Lydia Foy has effectively settled her long-running action against the State aimed at securing a birth certificate in her acquired female gender. The settlement was reached on the basis of the High Court been told the Government’s “firm intention” is to enact the necessary laws “as soon as possible” in 2015.

(Via.Irish Times)


I am who I am today because of who I am… and who my Mother was and who my Father was and all of rest of my family. Because of who my classmates were and the people who taught us…

All of us broken.

I don’t know their stories, nor they mine, yet we all have played a role in countless plays. Some forgotten, some not, and they all left an impression.

A shadow on the stage.

I could not be myself without them, nor they without me. A culmination of seconds slipping away, leaving behind the residue of memory.

There is anger here. And resentment.

There is also joy. 

Yet more than all, is a sadness for what has slipped away unnoticed, forgotten in the hurry of going from here to there. For the simple understanding of each being human, frail and imperfect. An unexpected jumble of possibility and happenstance.

We did not choose how we were brought into this world or by whom, but we do choose how we live this life we have been given.