Your A-Z Guide to Wigs and Pieces

From adhesive to zigzag parts, our glam glossary from a Hollywood stylist has everything you need to level up your hair game.

As many hair salons have a backlog of bookings as they reopen, and some remain closed due to the spread of the coronavirus, wigs have never been more convenient. They give the wearer flexibility to go from glamorous waves to an asymmetrical bob or jet-black to honey-blonde highlights in a matter of minutes. As a plus, with proper wear, you’ll protect your natural hair.


Why This Transgender Rights Activist Wants Us To Evolve From Being Allies To Accomplices

Why This Transgender Rights Activist Wants Us To Evolve From Being Allies To Accomplices

Geena Rocero, award-winning producer, model, and trans rights advocate a FILBERT KUNG HAIR MAKEUP: JOEL SEBASTIAN STYLING: NOWPR LA
Geena Rocero, award-winning producer, model, and trans rights advocate a

But in the present moment, that isn’t a luxury people in the transgender community get to experience. One of the many issues Geena brings into conversation when she’s speaking at global events at the United Nations, the White House, or the World Economic Forum is how cisgender-focused many of the high-level discussions are.

“It’s super binary,” says Geena. “It’s very placed in cisgender over trans and non-binary people. I think most conversations should be as intersectional as it is, and all of those different identities should be on an equal playing field when it comes to speaking about those lived experiences, rather than prioritizing one more than the other.”

FCC approves three-digit ‘988’ national suicide prevention hotline number

It will soon be easier for people to call for help during a crisis and people can thank a Tennessee youth suicide prevention group for advocating for it.


I’ve been feeling off all day, nothing sitting well on my stomach and allergies playing havoc with my sinuses, leaving me with a headache just short of a migraine. Add to this having had dermatology appointment yesterday which has left me with some very sore spots which were removed with a lazer and others which were treated with nitrogen which has restricted how much I can do until everything heals.

Then on top of everything my emotions have been all over the place leaving me in tears for no apparent reason along with bouts of depression and hopelessness. I’ve even tried getting some rest but my mind won’t slow down enough to let me sleep.

Not sure what the rest of the night is going to hold but I hope it gets better because I don’t want to see what will happen if it becomes worse.

Labour’s Nadia Whittome condemns Liz Truss for ‘fanning the flames of populist hate’ against trans people

Labour’s Nadia Whittome has accused Tory equalities chief Liz Truss of “fanning the flames of populist hate” against the transgender community.

Whittome’s accusation came on the day the government had promised to announce the results of the Gender Recognition Act consultation – a promise that has now been broken.

The 2018 consultation asked the public for their views on potential changes to the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) – the 2004 law that transgender men and women use to gain legal recognition of their gender.

Several successive Tory equalities ministers have promised to publish the results of the GRA consultation and the government’s plan for modernising the law, but have instead repeatedly delayed.


Transgender Facebook content dominated by right-wing sources, study finds

Over the course of a year, anti-trans Facebook posts earned more engagement than positive and neutral trans content combined, Media Matters for America found.

Anti-transgender Facebook content shared by right-wing news sources generated more engagement than content from pro-transgender or neutral sources combined, according to a Media Matters for America study of 225 viral social media posts.

That means the majority of Facebook interactions with those viral posts — over 43 million of 66 million shares, comments and reactions over the span of a year — were on items posted by anti-trans websites like LifeSiteNews, Daily Wire and Daily Caller, according to the report.


The trans art of storytelling: ‘Nevada’ by Imogen Binnie


The trans art of storytelling

It’s the early 2010s in New York City, and Maria Griffiths, a trans woman in her late 20s and the protagonist of Imogen Binnie’s 2013 novel “Nevada,” is writing a blog post in an internet café. After recapping the strange few days she’s had, she turns to a speculative exercise: