The staggering costs of being transgender in the US, where even patients with health insurance can face six-figure bills

The staggering costs of being transgender in the US…

The cost of medical treatments can add up to more than $100,000, and they’re often not covered by health insurance.


Queer: A New Narrative

Queer: A New Narrative

When early twentieth century philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote the above quote, he was cautioning readers that the words we use can act like mental barriers that close us off to alternative ways of thinking, stunting personal and societal growth. Wittgenstein saw philosophy as a tool uniqely capable of freeing us from those limitations. In the age of social media, such limiting and divisive language has reached a zenith. In LGBTI discourse, personal identity labels have emerged as a nearly all-encompassing system of thought, actively walling in discussions of sex, sexuality, gender, and relationship models. As a consequnce, LGBTI culture is trapped in a singular, dominating perspective that erases individuals and too often treats us as little more than microcosms of group identities. This trend toward ever more narrow defintions is constraining society, preventing us from fully exploring our sexual and romantic social freedoms.


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