It wasn’t so much of a bad day as it was an uncomfortable day. I just didn’t feel as if I was connected. It was as if my knees were almost numb and I was on the edge of losing my balance. Add in a low level of nausea and it made me glad to just stay in .

I have obligations tomorrow I can’t get out of, so even if I don’t feel better I’ll have to grin and bear it.


I wasn’t at home all day, had to be out of town to take care of some things. Tomorrow I have a neurological consult in the morning, (but who knows how long that might take). Hoping nothing else unexpected comes up so I can try and get some things lined up for future posts.



There are issues I need to deal with. I can’t go into any detail as I don’t have permission from those involved, but please know I will try my best to maintain my daily posts though they may occasionally be later than normal.