How to respond to questions about transgender bathroom access.

How to respond to questions about transgender bathroom access.:

“In the wake of draconian laws passed in North Carolina and Mississippi restricting which restrooms transgender people can use, much of the attention has focused on the economic and political backlash to anti-LGBTQ discrimination. Sometimes, public pressure is the best or only tactic that works, and it’s heartening to see economic and political costs imposed on supporters of these odious laws. But it’s easy to forget just how important private conversations can be to securing lasting social change, especially in a campaign where winning hearts and minds is a key goal.”

(Via. Slate)

One thought on “How to respond to questions about transgender bathroom access.

  1. I am from Canada and absolutely shocked and horrified that anyone would go to such lengths as to makes laws that single out and put transfolk in danger, this isn’t about who is or isn’t one gender or another, and it is not about keeping women and children safe from predators …. this law is designed to legalize Hate and discrimination, nothing more nothing less…. it’s very vile and disgusting that a government would create such a law , a great many trans folks are going to get beat, raped or killed, perhaps all 3 because of this law. as for the economic impact from big business pulling out of those states? …. good , and I hope the entire LGBTQ population in those states up and move and take their money as well … I do not feel one bit sorry for the economic impact and could care less if it puts innocent bystanders who disagree with those laws on the welfare lines….. why am I so harsh? because this is 2016 …. not 1716 , that puritan christian bullshit expired centuries ago , because the folks who disagree with these laws are not standing up and speaking out…. therefore they are just as accountable as the Hate and Fear Mongers that created the law, I am sorry but I hope every state that has that law goes bankrupt and every resident ends up suffering greatly for the economic collapse… maybe then they will stand up and speak out against this heinous law.

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