Out Of Sorts

Antique books


Things are going to be a little out of sorts here for a bit, my doctor adjusted the medicines I’m taking and the dosage, so I’m in the process of getting use to things again. It has made it difficult to write, though I don’t feel as disconnected as I did before. Just bare with me and hopefully things will be back to normal soon.


Speaking of normal, I’m getting back into reading. Not at the level I was before but it’s better than I have been. I do wonder if I wasn’t using books to escape not only the day to day grind, but the issues inside my own head… One thing I do know is I was reaching a point which wasn’t healthy, no matter how painful or confusing, I could only hide from myself for so long before they became serious issues. So I want to ease back into things and maintain a level of moderation. Books may be exciting in their own way, but they should never replace reality.

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