Over the years I have had many interests and hobbies but two things which have been a part of my life since I was young has been poetry and reading. The local library was a refuge and I took full advantage every chance I got. I was reading at an adult level by the time I was eleven which opened up an entire universe of knowledge and imagination.

My first love was Edgar Allen Poe. I read his collected works and of course watched the Saturday movies. “The Raven” along with “The Pit and the Pendulum” have been long time favorites. Later I would discover Robert Frost, Dylan Thomas, and Maya Angelou.

The first book I bought with my own money was “The Shadow Spy” by Nicholas Luard. It wasn’t a epic work worthy of being listed next to J.R.R. Tolkien or Ernest Hemingway, but I embraced it none the less. In fact, I went back years later and found a copy which I read again cover to cover… I still own it today. Since then I have read thousands of books, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, crime and medical thrillers.

One of the difficult things for me after coming out has been my lack of interest in these things. I found it difficult to get into any books, even many of my long time favorite series simply couldn’t hold my interest. I don’t know if this was related to my own creative difficulty, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were. The reason I wanted to talk about this now is because, at long last, I have found these interests returning. I have been returning to reading book reviews and looking to see what new releases are on the way. I am also spending time reading through a number of poetry sites trying to get back up to speed on what the current trends are.

These are small things, but they have lifted my spirits and I hope I can get my own creative engine going.

14 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. Kira it is said that books are person’s best friends and every time you read the same book you get different perspectives. Yes it definitely pushes up your creative spirits!! Happy reading!! 🙂 🙂

  2. I know the feeling all too well Kira. I was once prolific in my poetry but appear to have hit a dry spell. Mind you, I never wrote poetry as Xandra but as “him”! Perhaps it is something I should give a try. As for yourself, I have read some of your works and loved them. I wish you all the best and look forward to reading more of your poetry.


    Xandra xxx

    1. Along with other things, I have taken “him” out of my creative endeavors. He was dark, moody, and rather morbid and I’m just not into that… so, now it is all “me.”

      I may have a legacy, but I will use my own words.


  3. Kira, have you considered that since you began to drop the pretense of trying to be someone you weren’t, that all of those things that once gave you comfort and from which you identified yourself as that person you were not, will now and forever take the back seat to being Kira. Your interests are like learning to ride a bike, Kira, and no matter how long you stay away from those pursuits, you can take them up again anytime you choose, because they will always remain as much a part of who you are now as they were to you then.
    Deanna Joy

    1. I was thinkingI was so distracted by all the things going on in my life, I wasn’t able to focus the way I had before. That I became so caught up in the moment to moment chaos I let things slip away from me. Now I am able to once again appreciate those things and have been able to focus my attention on them and there by find pleasure in them again.

      Oh, there were things I feigned interest in because I thought I should, but they have been slowly dropping away, such as all the sports talk, and guns which dominate the male talking points around here. Anymore I just walk away and don’t bother because I’m really not interested. Sadly, much of what I do like, books, poetry, and music is wasted here… which is why I find being online so helpful. Here I can find others who have similar interests and it makes my days better and me happy.

      1. About feigning interest, Kira, soon after our son was born, I began work as a computer drafter/programmer in a steel-rule die production facility in Greensboro, NC, where the only women were the two in the front office. I stopped taking breaks with the other guys because the conversations were always about the three G’s; golf, guns and girls. The topics of golf and guns were bad enough because of openly racist attitudes, but the topic of “girls” was always degrading to women in general, from my point of view, and I knew that what was best for me was to avoid the “man talk” altogether.
        Deanna Joy

  4. Well i know what you mean by some books not
    grabbing your attention as that is how i am as a reader…keep my interest please..that is what I also try to convey in my series…before it gets published, I ask myself would I read this if I was someone else…if yes then it’s worthy for my audiance. 🙂

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