So Far

I had set out to write an epic post covering the past two weeks when, halfway through I realized sharing every little detail wasn’t as important as writing about what I learned.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the “how” and loose sight of the “why.” Which is why taking a step away has proven to be a good thing, and I suppose is yet another lesson I have learned for the week.

The most important things I have learned so far:

It doesn’t pay to be lazy or to take the easy road. Some things are worth the effort.

I am NOT a weekend only girl. Why I thought I could live with being comfortable with myself only two days a week, (or less), is simply beyond me. Regardless of any other consideration, I am me 24/7 and trying to hide this truth, even when it is convenient, isn’t worth the issues it causes. So from now on I spend sometime for myself each day.

I can only take responsibility for my own thoughts and feelings. It is NOT my place or right to take responsibility or anyone else. In truth it is rather disrespectful.

And last, but most importantly… I have an incredible person in my life who is not only my partner, she is also my best friend and I am blessed beyond words to have her beside me each day.

9 thoughts on “So Far

  1. This is a great thing for you, Kira. Focusing on the important points that matter most is the best way to bring clarity in our own minds and hearts. It’s for that reason that I’ve done what you have done many a time. Some things just aren’t necessary to expound on for a variety of reasons.

    Glad to hear you continue to come into your self, little by little. I’ve been doing the same. : )

      1. Aww thanks for thinking of me! I generally stick to tweeting the mundane. Good & not so good things have been happening for sure though.

  2. ” I realized sharing every little detail wasn’t as important as writing about what I learned.”

    I have had SO MANY posts on my blog where I’ve had to force myself to remember that, and many more where I let myself get bogged down in those details anyway. Thus is the struggle of the writer.

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